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Monday, September 2, 2013

Where to Find Fashion Inspiration for Fall

Chanel Chic for Less

River Island black and white checked shirt, $31 / Ted Baker black trenchcoat, $465 / A|Wear pencil skirt, $21 / Gastone Lucioli high heel pumps / Vintage black handbag / Lauren Ralph Lauren jewelry / Adia Kibur pearl jewellery / Black wayfarer glasses
Topshop belt / Chanel makeup, $59 / Chanel fragrance, $145 / Beauty accessory, $15 / 

There are so many ways to get fashion inspiration besides fashion magazines these days. For most of my life, I have purchased everyone of the major September fashion "books", and felt compelled to devour them, so I would be on top of the trends for Fall. Now I get it daily from Polyvore, Pinterest, Net-a-Porter, and fashion blogs.

A clever Girl can also get every look on Polyvore for less.  Take a look at the picture that inspired me above and my version of it for under $1000...her bag alone must have weighed in at 4. Every look is available at every price point if you are budget conscious.

This year I decided only to purchase magazine, In Style, because they cover fashion and beauty so comprehensively.  They are also not afraid to dumb it down and spell it out a bit. Well done and thank you...

I know just what I want to buy, (some version of a "moto" jacket" and ankle strap pumps) what's still good to go (all my skinny pants, pencil skirts, ankle boots and animal prints) and what I would never wear despite being on trend, ( A-line midi skirts and large scale plaids).

I'm glad I skipped purchasing Vogue this year, after getting through the entire book in one manicure.  I achieved this by skipping the first 200 or so ad pages plus Anna Wintour's too long Editors' Letter. I found the fashion to be way too editorial for an issue that women want to see beautiful clothes and how best to put them together. (Ditto and even more to the extreme was W. with plenty of topless models).

Harper's Bazaar was an improvement and I got through all of it while I had my toes dipped in inky navy during a pedicure.  Again, I skipped 205 pages of ads, until Glenda Bailey's nicely honed Letter from the Editor appeared on page 206 (insanity!).  I never did find the table of contents...Can't they please let us know somewhere in mice type on the cover where that might be???  Maddening.

There was some solid fashion advice there, but I as Eric Wilson, (one of my favorite NY Times fashion columnists) recently lamented, their plugs for merchandise available on was a constant distraction. Also embarrassing was seeing a Huma Abedin's stand by her man interview, concluded before her husband, "Carlos Danger" was 'exposed' in yet another sexting scandal. 


I'm also not a fan of their monthly "Fashion at Every Age"  column. It seems like a dated concept to me.  I always see things at every age that I would happily wear. Really, what's the point? And long live Lee Radziwill, who seems to be the only 70+ muse they can muster.

Thumb your nose up all you want, but I will definitely pick up People's September fashion issue this week.  They do an fantastic job of synthesizing all that's trend worthy at affordable price points for every classification from shoes and handbags to outerwear.

I hope everyone had a fabulous summer...With Labor Day behind us, it is unofficially, officially, Fall...


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