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Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Fashion Circus

The Fashion Circus

I was utterly charmed by Nicole Miller's Spring 2014 show. With a nod to Versailles, and the mazes of extraordinary gardens, Nicole had visions of peasants storming the Palace, imagining shards of smashed china and trampled blooms everywhere; thus sprinkling embroidery and embellishment on many of the pieces she sent down the runway.

Despite the description of her inspiration,  paired with clean silhouettes, it all looked pretty and wearable...Probably too tame for Marie Antoinette, but perfect for a Diva.

Polyvore asked us to chose some of our favorite looks from the Spring 2014 collections for one of their contests.  Other than the runway, none of these images will be available to "clip" for fashion sets until they are available at retail, so this is my homage to Nicole's homage.

Fashion, is indeed, a circus...


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