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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Review: Color WOW Temporary Root-Touch Up

Color WOW Root-Touch Up Kit
$34 for approx. 60 applications


Over the last few months, I have read several beauty blogs about Color Wow, a temporary water resistant temporary root-touch up product. Universally, they have been positive, particularly since they have tackled the trickier feat of covering up blonde regrowth, black or white.

Personally, I am still satisfied with Gray Away Root Spray when needed except for two things; it is not readily available at retail and, as pointed out by a clever reader, its primary ingredient is butane.

Oh my.

Short of avoiding using it while barbecuing, that butane thing has weighed heavily on me.  

While I was getting a manicure, I perused Allure's August issue, which covered their 2013 Beauty Awards and Breakthroughs.  Sure enough, Color Wow was a winner in both categories. 

This tipped me over the edge so I purchased it this evening at Ulta in medium brown.  Naturally, I had to try it as soon as I walked in the house.

My hair at this point is about a month out from being freshly colored. It was easy enough to apply.  The brush has two sides. The side with the shorter denser bristles made it easier to apply since it picked up more product and was easier to stipple in place.

Here is a picture of my before and after.  It took about 20 seconds to apply. Scalps, come to mention it, are really unattractive:

Before Color WOW

After Color WOW

Since this is just one section of my part, I think it would take a lot longer than Gray Away to apply. I'm going to use it for awhile before I make a final decision between the two.  I especially want to see if it stays put between washing's as described.

Here is some more information if you are interested:

Color WOW  From August Allure 2013:
Disguises roots—whether they're the whitest gray or the darkest brown—without looking fake, feeling stiff, or washing out in the rain.
Zinc stearate (color-fixing agent)  (Better than Butane, no?)
This mineral powder is applied with a brush (included); it's available in a variety of shades from platinum blonde to black.
It takes a minute or so to apply, and it truly, convincingly covers up root regrowth and stays put until you wash your hair.
Stroke a thin layer of powder along the roots, and very cool things start happening on a microscopic level. That's because the powder is made up of tiny double-ended zinc particles that have a positive charge on one end. These obedient little molecules line up along each strand like magnets, attaching themselves to the negative charge on the hair. At the other end, the particle holds mineral pigment powder. In supersimple terms, the particles are essentially forming a tiny bridge linking the pigment powder to your hair. The only thing that can break this bridge are the surfactants (cleansers) in shampoo. 
"This is one of the smartest innovations I've seen all year," says cosmetic chemist Jim Hammer. "Mineral pigments are an excellent choice for matching all hair colors, as they are both opaque and reflective. The formula can even cover dark regrowth in highlighted hair. And there are no waxes, which is important because that's what can create a dull, unnatural finish."

PS!: I washed my hair tonight, and I could see quite a bit of regrowth once I looked in a three way mirror.  I quickly realized it would take far longer than I am willing to devote to touch up my hair.  I did a frantic search through my goodie closet and happily found a new can of Gray Away.

3 sprays, 3 seconds, done...

Good thing I always save my reciepts.


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