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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Review: Spa Sonic Skin Care System

Spa Sonic Skin Care System
$39.99- $59.99
Do your Internet due diligence!

The Spa Sonic Skin Care System was sent to my friend Kari Solyntjes who writes Fab Over Forty, to review.  Kari's reviews are a daily must read for me and I have long regretted waiting as long as I did to purchase a Clarionic Mia after she raved about it.

What intrigued me most about the Spa Sonic was the large brush head that comes with it. I sometimes bring my Mia into the shower to use on my face, neck and decollote, but what I really wanted was a device I could leave in the shower.  Clarisonic Plus does have a large brush head, but it is a separate unit and I am not springing for $225 on it.  Even I have a limit to my indulgence.

The Spa Sonic sounded like it might just fit the bill and Kari blessed it, so I ordered it...
For starters, it comes with 4 batteries, which I hugely appreciate.  The last thing I want to do is scurry through my kitchen junk drawer in search of 4 working batteries, or worse, have to run out and buy them.  I  am strictly an instant grat kind of Girl and I wanted to fire it up immediately. Brilliant.

It also has a large head for bathing, one for the face, a pumice device and a soft sponge that is meant to apply moisturizer.  Here's my take:

  • The brushes only rotate in one direction, so it is not as effective for facial cleansing as the Mia. For those who are looking for something less expensive and better than their finger tips, it  will do.
  • The large brush is an absolute pleasure to use in the shower, since it covers a lot more turf than the Mia, it feels pleasant and lathers nicely
  • The pumice attachment is an OK idea.  That one is small and doesn't cover a large area (like my foot.)  My cat Scoots absconded with it after the first use, so it's a good thing I am rarely barefoot and enjoy regular pedicures
  • The sponge attachment meant to apply face creams did leave me glowing but I know I will never have the patience to use this, particularly since my Spa Sonic is now taking up permanent residency in my shower.
Net, net.  It's a pretty good product for the price.  The brushes will require replacing, but are far less expensive than the Clarisonic replacements. I found a wide range of prices for this product (and wish I had checked before I purchased it myself.)  The least expensive was available at for $39.99, which is exactly what I think it's worth.

Not a rave, not a rant, but I have been using it daily and I solidly like it.

Your call...


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