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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

TotalBeauty: Beauty Picks That Are Coming Up Roses

TotalBeauty was the first beauty media site to publish DivaDebbi.  I have always liked the site for its unbiased reader rated reviews and their beauty roundups, which I find irresistible.  

What did make me crazy was the layout of the site and its tediously slow mechanics.  Well someone is on the ball, the crisp new site is easier and faster to navigate, so I will be sharing articles with you more if I can just find where they put my Blog....
Who needs a dozen long-stems when you can have these pretty rose beauty picks?  

Makeup Picks That Are Prettier Than a Dozen Roses
This is a makeup article
Flowers are a lovely gesture … until about day three. The petals start to wilt, the stems start to droop, and before you know it, your only options are the garbage can or making second-rate potpourri for your once-gorgeous roses. That's why we're turning to pretty, rose-inspired makeup. These makeup picks are a great gift to give, and great gifts to receive. Rosy shades are not only classic, but they also look good on everyone. Click ahead to see the prettiest picks that will outlive an actual bouquet by months -- if not years.

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