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Friday, May 3, 2013

Review: M3K Optimized Matrix Regenerative Face Cream

M3K Optimized Matrix Regenrative Face Cream

Other than prescription Retin-A, the most effective cream to reduce fine lines, age spots and speed cellular turnover, there are a few other skin care ingredients that are proven anti-agers. The best creams contain Matrixyl 3000, L-Carnisine, Hyaluronic Acid, DMAE Bitartate and Alpha Lipoic Acid.  

Other star ingredients include Vitamin A, C and E.

I have used creams that contain some of these ingredients, but I've never heard of one that includes all of them; particularly one that is as affordable as M3K Optimized Matrix Regenerative Face Cream.

After reviewing their press material, it immediately peaked my curiosity.  I was delighted to have the opportunity to sample it and share what I hoped would be a fabulous, well priced anti-aging cream with my readers.

 It did not disappoint...

I am very loyal to La Peau Skincare, the Swiss day, night and eye cream that I have used for the last year and a half, but I wanted to give M3K an exclusive trial. When I was on vacation recently, it was the only anti-aging cream I brought with me and used it day and night.

It has a lovely, gel like texture that absorbed quickly, leaving my face feeling comfortably hydrated and glowing, (not unlike La Peau).

M3K  is a small line that includes a product called Barefaced Fabulous ($15), that is a combination cleanser, toner and makeup remover, Dirty Boy ($15) formulated for men, who may have to combat an occasional breakout and a hand cream that is infused with the same star ingredients as their face cream.

It's a young company, but they are dedicated to creating premium, quality products, while keeping the price points affordable.

Sounds like a winning combination to me...what do you think?



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