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Friday, May 17, 2013

Ibiza Hair Brushes: In a word??? WOW

Ibiza Extra Large Round Brush

I had my hair colored the other day. My Colorist extraordinaire Christopher Hornauer and his adorable Assistant Jenna at Warren Tricomi in Greenwich brought my sun faded tresses back to life. (I guess next time we vacation I will have to wear a Pith helmet instead of a straw hat.)

One of the things that I appreciate about having my hair colored at Warren Tricomi  is their well stocked blow dry bar, for times when you want to DIY.  This time, there was a ton of product, 3 dryers, but just one paddle brush, so I asked the first all black clad passerby if she might be able to supply a round brush.

She came back with a well worn brush that reminded me of, well, a toilet brush. "Will this be O.K.?"  "Oh, just perfect", I replied cheerfully...Uh boy.

Within minutes of using it however, I was in love.  What was so different from traditional round brushes?  This extra large brush is a work horse.  This light weight brush has boar bristles that hold each section deeply, so all you need to do is supply hot air.   

It releases without tangles and each section dried quickly, frizz free and bouncy.

Naturally I knew I had to purchase one, but suspected that this might be a Stylist's personal favorite from 1987.  I was thrilled to find out that they carry the full line of Ibiza brushes from Spain. They are also available at Nordstrom's.

Here's how my hair looked at checkout 20 minutes later without additional products post blow drying:

Though I'm due for a haircut but I was very pleased with how finished it looked with me as the stylist.  I definitely recommend your checking out their website and finding the brush that is right for your hair.  They are not inexpensive, but they rarely need replacing.  I can't think of a better investment...we wear our hair everyday after all and nothing can spoil one quicker than a bad hair day, amiright?

Apparently,  Ibiza also sells blow dryers to compliment their brushes...believe me I'm already amortizing the savings on potential professional blowouts.

Naturally, I'll keep you posted...



  1. It's amazing the difference a quality brush can make for your hair. I bought one years ago that feels so great on my scalp; it was so worth the expense. Your hair looks gorgeous!!

  2. Thank you Victoria!
    I always thought I had quality brushes, but nothing compares to this brush. Well worth the investment. This morning I didn't even need to touch my hair up at all...a first.

    Thanks for sharing.




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