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Thursday, May 9, 2013

A Closet Case

I spent two hours tonight prepping for my bi-annual closet change. I started with my drawers.  They desperately needed purging.   I have some tank tops that could make their Bat Mitzvah...

I'm trying to be as ruthless with myself these days as I am with my clients.  Truly, I have never missed anything I have given away, donated or consigned. I wrote a blog that was picked up by Glam Media last year on how to tackle your closet switch  I stand by every word...

I received an email from NewmanPR, about Carolyn Schneider's fifth edition of The Ultimate Consignment and Thrift Store Guide.  She too offered some expert tips on how to efficiently clean your closets.

I thought they were worth sharing with you as well:

1. Separate Your Clothing Into Four Categories:

Category 1-To sell to a consignment store. Is the item classic, a high-end brand, and in great shape?

Category 2-To donate to a thrift store. Is the clothing older, or from a less well-known brand?

Category 3-To reconstruct. Do you love the fabric, color, or pattern? Do you enjoy crafting, and/or having one-of-a-kind pieces?

Category 4-To keep. Some clothes are timeless staples or have emotional attachment, and belong in your closet for good.

2. Organize Your Closet by Seasons: this will make year-round cleaning easier. It will also give you a better sense of what you need to shop for, and what you may have too much of--in which case, see steps 1-3 above!

3. Know What to Consign for Maximum Profit: When choosing items to consign, designer labels will reap most profit. Items for consignment have to be cleaned, pressed, on hangers, and no more than two years old.

4. Learn How to Give and Receive: When donating to thrift shops, put the items you are donating into large plastic bags. At the store, request a receipt for tax purposes. The IRS allows you to deduct fair market value for items, which is the price the items will sell for in the thrift store.

5. Keep an Inventory List of Items you Would Like to Consign and Donate: Getting your different clothing to its new home may not happen all at once. Keep a running list to stay organized, and so you are not cleaning them back out of your closet next spring.

6. Recycle with Style: Don't throw out those ripped jeans, turn them into a new and unique handbag! Reduce waste, save money, and update your style by creating new pieces with old clothing. Browse Pinterest or DIY blogs for ideas and directions.

It's a tedious, thankless task, but it needs to be done and is oddly satisfying when it' all over.  Hopefully our suggestions will give you some motivation.  

My housekeeper is going to need a U-Haul it on Friday...



  1. I like to keep photos of ensembles, complete with accessories, on my mobile devices. I can refer to the photos when packing or need an outfit for a special occasion and think I have "nothing to wear".


  2. What a great suggestion Dawn!!!
    Thanks so much for commenting.




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