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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Review: Physician's Formula Bronze Booster

Physician's Formula Bronze Booster
$18.95 at CVS in Greenwich, CT.
(cheaper anywhere else)

Have I ever been to CVS for standard drug store fare; Q-Tips, toothpaste, Advil etc... and not left with some type of beauty product???

No. Never. Not once...whether I need it or not.

I'm still not sure what the purpose of Physician's Formula Bronze Booster is.  I have stopped using bronzing powder because I find it to look matte, dry, and a little streaky.

Physician's Formula bills itself as, "Number 1" in Bronzers.  They certainly offer a lot of them...7 to be exact.  I have no clue what the difference between them is. At least Bronze Booster stood out from the pack a bit.

I didn't expect this product to be heavily pigmented and it's not...on it's own, even in the medium to dark shade it barely registered on my skin. It does, as promised, impart a nice, looking glow and for those who wish to perk up their skin with a very light natural shimmer.  Applied with a large, fluffy brush, rather than the anemic one included in the packaging, the application is completely even.

Here is how Physician's Formula Bronze Booster is described:

A Bronzer with Benefits!
Revolutionary Italian technology combines the best features of powder, baked and cream bronzers for the most stunning bronze glow. Delivers a skin-perfecting finish unlike any other bronzer, we had to call it "Deluxe"!
Luxurious, light bronze veil melts into skin providing an airbrushed lit-from-within glow that looks so natural it is virtually undetectable on the skin.
Our Exclusive Blend!
Glow Activator Technology provides Triple-Action Bronze Boosting that helps to enhance and extend the life of your tan glow and improve skin’s clarity and radiance.

I recently purchased a product from Stila called One Step Bronze. In some ways, they serve the same purpose, but One Step Bronze does impart more color and because it has a gel like consistency, I never have to worry about it creeping into fine lines.

I don't dislike Physician's Formula Bronze Booster, but I don't need it, particularly if I have another product that does the job better. 

As always, I save the packaging and receipts for all of my CVS cosmetic purchases.  It is their policy to accept returns cheerfully, which I truly appreciate.

Besides, they usually make out better on the deal don't think I will just be returning a cosmetic without purchasing a new one, do you???



  1. I find Physician's Formula products so overpriced for drugstore fare...I like their happy boosters and blushes but c'mon..if I'm gonna spend 12-15$ I'm going to Ulta or once in a while you can get a good deal when there's a sale or a good coupon. Great honest review!:)

  2. I tried the product and some other atuff from Physician's Formula and loved it, but I do agree with Ann-Marie, a bit overpriced. Good product doh

  3. Hi Girls,
    I always want to love it, but it always falls just a bit short for me. The one thing I can recommend for a heavy duty drugstore concealer is their Conceal RX. Bruises, freckles,'s top of the class for the price!




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