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Friday, March 15, 2013

Just Browsing... Yet Again

As you know, one of my favorite beauty blogs is written by my friend Kari Solyntjes who created Fab Over Forty at just about the same time I started DivaDebbi in 2008.  For me, it's a daily must read and I highly recommend subscribing.

A little over a month ago, Kari posted a blog about an experience she had when she was having her hair colored. Her salon had just hired a new brow guru and he suggested that the fastest way too achieve thicker looking, lush brows would be to tint them.  

Kari was game and was amazed and delighted with the results. She found that the tint gave life to all those nearly invisible tail hairs...Naturally this story brewed in my head.  It's really a no brainer if you think about it, so why isn't it suggested more frequently???

During this same time at Richards, we decided to create a sleek, modern "store within a store" for some our our new designers. The shop's concept is to be able to mix and match fabulous pieces, echoing the way real women dress.

We launched last week, with a 3 day party that included scrumptious hor' devours, signature cocktails, Tarot Card readings, a Lipstick Reader! (more another time) and stylists and makeup artists from Warren Tricomi in Greenwich, on hand to do touch up's and makeovers. It was a blast and our clients thoroughly enjoyed it all.

Jennifer was providing makeup tips and everyone who sat in her chair was riveted. She recently joined Warren Tricomi from the Adam Broderick Salon in Ridgefield. She is also a licensed Aesthetician and makeup artist.

Jennifer asked me if she could make a suggestion about my brows...I practically jumped in her lap.  By all means!!!! I love, love, love when my friends or professionals give it to me straight. Sometimes we just don't see ourselves objectively.

My hair had recently been perfectly colored by our mutual friend Christopher Hornauer, also of Warren Tricomi.  Chris decided to change my base color to a rich chocolate brown and added delicate golden highlights.  I absolutely love it.

Christopher and Jennifer
The Dream Team at Warren Tricomi Greenwich
Jennifer noticed that my brows were lighter than my base and told me it's always best for your brows to match the base color.  She felt it would give my face more definition and suggested I come in and have them tinted.  Of course, in the back of my head I was thinking about Kari's experience and asked if I could come in later that afternoon.

It only took about 15 minutes and we chatted amiably while my  brows brewed. I can tell she is a perfectionist and is totally dedicated to helping her clients achieve their best look--clearly my kind of Girl.

My initial peek in the mirror was a bit of shock.  "I hate them", I blurted out in an unguarded Tourette's moment.  I composed myself and asked her if I could touch up my makeup.  Jennifer promised me that they looked fab and this was absolutely the right call.

By the time I reapplied my  makeup, I knew she was right. Kari was spot on... tinting does have a way of creating the look of bushiness fullness, by bringing out all of those light, hidden stragglers.  I also could see I was waaaaay overdue for a shaping with my own brow guru, Danielle Sampieri of Salon Savior in White Plains (914-761-9292)  I texted her immediately for an appointment the next day at her Brow Bar.

Danielle, as you may recall, was the person who schooled me on the daily necessity of presenting yourself to the world with groomed brows back in October of 2009.  Prior to meeting Danielle at the Benefit Brow Bar at Bloomingdales, my hapless, shapeless brows were the most neglected thing on my body.

Danielle took one look and immediately agreed that Jennifer did a fabulous job and that my brows had been expertly tinted.

When Danielle decided to do a stint at Bloomingdales in Soho, I met Dahlia, who is also incredibly talented.  I have blogged about her as well.  As fate would have it, as Danielle was busy tweezing, with the steady hand of a brain surgeon, Dahlia came in for a visit. A reunion!

The lovely Dahlia now has her own Brow Bar practically across the street at Selah-Salon,  unique place that combines a large bar with a full service salon.  It's an interesting party space, and is frequently rented out for that purpose. 914-781-2100.

Anyway my lovelies, this was a long tale that I hoped served 2 purposes: 1) To strongly suggest you consult about getting your own brows tinted and professionally groomed and 2) To give a shout out to 5 beauty experts, Kari, Christopher, Jennifer, Danielle and Dahlia, all who care passionately about what they do beautifully, with my thanks and appreciation for helping me look my best.

Happy weekend all...


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