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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

All Wrapped Up With a Red Bow

All Wrapped Up With a Red Bow

People sometimes ask how I create my Polyvore sets.  Is it the model, a particular fashion design or color, an interior? How does it work?

The answer is all of the above and often in a stream of consciousness. This is how the set above came together:

  • I saw the pug first, and thought of my friend Lidia Solymosi, one of the most talented women on Polyvore, who has scores of loyal followers and is crazy about her pug Ramsey.
  • I spotted this stunning young woman, wrapped like a precious doll in a red bow on Tumblr and "clipped" the image into my Polyvore treasure chest.
  • The pop of red reminded me of charming red Valentino dress that I sold  to one of my lovely clients today at Richards. She's wearing it to a luncheon in the City next month. She too, looked like a precious doll.
  • I often liked to pair my fashion sets back to interiors I like.  I was thinking about my friend Q., whose blog Quintessence just won the prestigious Design Bloggers Best Blog of 2013.  It is a daily read for me and my favorite Interior and Lifestyle Blog. I am so proud of my friend and happy for her!!! It's a quite an honor.
  • I received a lovely Christmas gift from a fave friend and client this year, Interior Designer Miles Redd's The Big Book of Chic. I could, and often do comb it for inspiration, during fits of insomnia. I remembered a particular "red room" that I loved and wanted to finish this set with it.
  • I checked back through Q's blog for a photo, since I knew she attended Miles book launch party and hoped I would find my shot.
  • Voila!
The rest, of the set is just little fillers that please my eye.  And of course, Ramsey needed a little zhush too.

And this is how its all done. All wrapped up with a red bow...



  1. Debbi you are an angel. You always make me fee special. My puppies name is Ramsay :) Thank you so so much :)

  2. Loved reading how you get inspiration for your Polyvore Sets!! Sherry7411

  3. Lidia,
    You ARE special!!! Ramsey, of course!!! Just edited him in. Happy you like it!

    Thanks Sweetie! I never really analyzed how it all happens till now... Im sure your process is similar at times. Such a fun creative medium!


  4. Thank you so much for including me and so glad to help provide inspiration and images for your brilliant and creative collages!!



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