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Thursday, March 28, 2013

MAC's SOAR: The Ultimate Lip Pencil

MAC SOAR Lip Liner $15
Photo courtesy of Indian Makeup Blog
There are a few things that I consider my "Holy Grail" products.  Years of trial and error have taught me they are at the top of their class and nothing can top them...despite this, I am still at times either fickle or lazy and purchase other products.

Without question, MAC's SOAR Lip Pencil, (which I have written about many times before) is the perfect, natural, rosy, nude.  Since it is such a universal shade, one would assume there is a version of it in every beauty collection. Not SO.  Not even close. Even if it appears to be close, it won't be once you see it in sunlight.

I knew it was time to toss all my other look-a-likes, so I made a trip to Bloomingdale's, the only free standing store in my vicinity that sells MAC, since I am mall phobic. Tragedy struck, when I found out they were not surprisingly sold out of SOAR,

Good God, that meant I had to go to the Westchester Mall.  Those who know me, know my sense of direction is non-existent, so I might be able to enter it, but exiting is dicey...

The anchors are a little easier for me to navigate from. Neiman's doesn't carry MAC, but Nordstrom does, so I parked as close to the elevator as possible and hoped for the best...Apparently, there is a run on SOAR, because they too were out of stock.

Fortunately there is a freestanding MAC store in the Westchester and thankfully, they were in stock.  I contemplated buying them all for about a half a second and settled on two.

I remembered to put my parking ticket in a particular spot in my handbag, so I would be able to find it again when it was time to get it validated (another fear), and found my car after only two elevator rides.

Somehow, as I was organizing my packages among my gym gear, I misplaced the validated ticket.  I pulled over and emptied my packages, gym bag, handbag and now visited the trunk.  I felt myself beginning to hyperventilate. I got out and now circled around to the passenger side. I opened the door and voila, it had slipped off the seat.

I handed it to the man in the booth and he informed me that I was exceeded my "15 minute limit to exit" and I was going to have to pay again.  Granted, maybe it was 10 minutes, but not 15.  I nicely informed him he was going to either have to lift the gate or I would drive through it.

Here's the kicker, I was looking for a decent picture of SOAR for you, when I came across the lovely lipstick and gloss that Indian Makeup Blog pairs with it...(Hot Gossip and Posh it up Plush gloss.)
Looks good to me.

You know what that means of course...another trip to you know where.  I will thankfully accept any and all invitations for escorts. The Mall management will be grateful too...


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