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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Skinn Cosmetics: Beautiful and Good For Your Skin

Because I have so much access to quality cosmetics as a New Yorker and a beauty blogger, I have never been one to purchase cosmetics via shopping networks. I do know however, that the packages they put together offer tremendous value...maybe it's a good thing I don't tune in...

Skinn Cosmetics was not on my radar, but I have been interested in finding some new quality eye shadows and when they asked me if I was interested in sampling them, I leaped at the chance.

It's pretty amazing that the concept of combining treatment with cosmetics is still relatively new. It's such a no brainer...  If we are slathering stuff on our face everyday, why not add some good for us benefits like anti-oxidants, peptides, vitamins, and hyaluronic acid? I'm all for it.

Luxe Premier Eyeshadow  in Seduction
Skinn Cosmetics
Dimitri James founded Skinn Cosmetics in 2002, after a long career in the cosmetics industry.  His goal was to create high quality products while keeping them more affordably priced.  He achieves it by not wasting money on fussy packaging and limiting his distribution channels to his own website Skinn Cosmetics and through shopping networks.

These beautiful, neutral shadows, will flatter any eye color. Some are matte and some have a hint of shimmer. They glide on like silk, blend easily, look natural and stay absolutely PUT, all day and night. Be still my heart!

My favorite surprise was the black shadow.  Dimitri recommends using the shadows wet for more depth.  I decided to try it as a liner and hoped for the best.  I've tried many dry to wet shadows that have run, flaked or disappeared completely Not this one...It applies like dream and adds a soft, elegant emphasis to the eye unlike liquid or gel liners.

I am in love--Here are some of the details:

Luxe Premier Eyeshadows:

  • Pure luxury full treatment eye shadows that treat the eye lids with age defying actives, antioxidants and peptides.
  • Talc free so even crepe-like eye lids look smooth and beautiful.
  • Palette includes 12 beautiful eye shadow shades, perfect for all skin types.

    Luxe Premier Eyeshadows: Apply to eyelids using brush or sponge tip applicator. May also be applied wet for more intense color. 

    The set I received is not yet on Skinn Cosmetics website, but you can purchase it as a set, which includes a fiber optic mascara and teal smudgestick through Shop NBC at this link.  As I mentioned, these kits do offer value and the $38 price point is what the shadows alone would cost.

    If the eyeshadow palette I sampled is any indication of the quality of Skinn Cosmetics products, I will definitely be back for more...


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