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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Trophy Skin: Microderm MD Home Microdermabrasion System

When I received a Press Release about Trophy Skin Microderm MD Home Microdermabrasion System I was instantly intrigued...A HOME  Microdermabrasion system??? Clearly this was right up my alley.

I have done microdermabrasion many times over the years and I generally love how polished  and smooth my skin appears afterwards.  The best effects are achieved when done as a series and then maintained and then once or twice a year.

My worst experience was with a far too aggressive aesthetician, who insisted "discomfort" is perfectly normal.  Ok, it wasn't childbirth equivalent, but it was  painful and actually left a portion of my cheek abraded.  Bacitracin is not my idea of a beauty cream.  I was cranky.  Looking back that was last time I had a Microdermabrasion treatment, though my prior experiences were all excellent.

Naturally, I begged asked if I could receive Trophy Skin's Home Microdermabrasion System  to blog about.  Obviously, this is not a lipstick or a moisturizer, but an expensive product to ask to sample.  I was delighted that after some consideration, they agreed to let me try it, so I could share my experiences with you.

This going to be fun!  Stay tuned...



  1. WOW, thanks for sharing! Looks like an amazing new product and something I have been looking for. Keep us updated on your experience with it!!!

  2. This looks great. Do you know where the best place to purchase it would be? Love your blog & all the honest reviews you give. Defiantly makes me want to purchase these products, knowing that you have actually tried them out and am not just being paid to write about it. Keep up the good work DD by finding the best products out there!

  3. As a dermatologist, I would love to try something like this out. This would be great for me to have at home (practice what you preach!) and suggest to my clients for follow-up maintenance, to use in between appointments etc. I know they would really appreciate the honesty and recommendation. Wonder if there is a discount at all for dermatologist? Thanks so much for bringing this to my attention, can't wait to research more and hopefully get one for myself.

  4. Want this! Exactly what looking for



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