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Friday, March 30, 2012

Derma IQ SmartLash: Important Update!

I am now 10 weeks into my IQ Derma SmartLash stash.  I say stash because I received my second shipment from, without getting through my first one.  Smartly, I did opt for the 60 day $29.99 renewal plan...if I haven't used one up in 60 days, I certainly did need one in 30.  The only way to stay on board with this deeply discounted price, is to stay on the plan, so I figured I better amp up my applications.  A good thing happened along the way...

Now, instead of just applying it on both top and bottom lashes at night, I am also using it in the morning. Result???  Lashes on steroids!  My lashes are now as long and thick as they were when I was at the pinnacle of my Latisse trials but without redness, pain or irritation and for a fraction of the price!

SmartLash at 10 weeks pre-mascara

Lash LOVE.

SmartLash at 10 weeks post Benefit's They're Real Mascara

I couldn't be more pleased.  The tricky thing about lash enhancement products is that not every one works for everyone.  NeuLash came highly recommended by my aunt and cousin, who had to resort to regular trims with a cuticle scissor to keep their lashes from growing like ivy.  Me?  Nada.

I wholeheartedly think SmartLash is worth a try...particularly at the Dermstore price.  If you don't see significant growth in 30 days, you probably never will, so move on to the next one and don't forget to cancel that automatic renewal. The last thing you need is a lash stash of a product that is not showing you any love.

Here's hoping.



  1. I recently bought and have been using SmartLash for the last couple of weeks and I have had red eyes and a headache ever since. Not sure if I will continue through to see if the side effects go away and lashes start growing or not. Very undecided at this point about this product.

  2. Hi Ilovedeals,
    It sounds like an allergic reaction. I definitely would discontinue using it immediately! I had similar experience with Latisse and though I suffered and they grew like crazy, it was silly in hindsight.

    all the best for a Happy New Year.




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