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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spring! Girls Night Out

Spring! Girls Night Out

One of the nicest things about having dinner out with your Gal Pals is that chances are, everyone has made a bit of an effort to find the right balance of casual and chic. After 2 years of amassing greige and taupe, I can't help but smile at all the delicious color out there.

I have been having such a good time creating my fantasy closet via Polyvore.  Merchandise can be so tightly crammed in stores today, that it is sometimes hard to imagine how current trends might translate to our style and body types.

I definitely recommend visiting the featured sets on Polyvore for fresh ideas and to simply enjoy the wonderfully creative people who create these sets with great style and whimsy.

Too that, I aspire.

Pieces poncho top
€30 -

Ted Baker skinny fit jeans
£79 -

Silvian Heach ankle strap heels
€90 -

J Crew leather hobo handbag
$298 -

ABS by Allen Schwartz wrap jewelry
$150 -

Givenchy silk shawl
£180 -



  1. Loving your expert Polyvore skills - and of course LOVE the blue and orange :-)

  2. Thanks Q!
    The earrings and scarf would be heaven on you!




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