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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Review: Maybelline Eyestudio MasterShape Brow Pencil

Maybelline MasterShape Brow Pencil ($7.99)

I have finally worked my way to the bottom of the treasure trove of new Maybelline offerings, that I received in a generous goodie bag at Mercedes-Benz Fashion WeekMaybelline is one of their featured sponsors.

For a Girl whose been fixated on all thing maquilage, since the age of 12, I am a later comer to the world of brow styling.

It started with my obsession with Julianna Margulies eyebrows on The Good Wife. I realized that my brows needed an over haul.  My 3 annual visits to anywaxeravailable in anynailsalon anywhere was ripe for improvement.

Julianna Margulies:  Brow Goddess

I booked myself an appointment at the Benefit Brow Bar  at Bloomingdales and had the good fortune to get the beautiful Dahlia as my stylist.  (Just Brow-zing 

Suffice to say, Darling Dahlia had her work plucked cut out for her.

She then gave me a lesson of the power of art and artifice of defining shape with wax and powder.  I was amazed at how much more finished my face looked, with tended brows.

I really do attempt to keep things simple, so it didn't occur to me that there might be an alternative kit or pencil that would surpass my Benefit Brows A- Go Go. But now I am having a love affair with the Maybelline Eyestudio Master Shape Brow Pencil in Soft Brown, that was in my goodie bag.

Available in four shades, this pencil combines "natural wax and subtle colors pigments" in one product. It "Natural wax formula, with subtle color pigments" in one product.  Successfully, it:
  • Creates hair-like fine lines for the most definition
  • Feathers, with a refined groomer that helps master a shapely brow
For $7.99 MasterShape is a masterpiece.  My only complaint?  It does not self sharpen, nor come with a sharpener to help maintain a fine point.  NONE of the half dozen assorted sharpeners I have, have been able to recreate the original sharpness.

Will it prevent me from purchasing it on my own?  Never.

Julianna, you still rule...but at least I'm learning.



  1. for nearly $8 I won't buy this product again due to the inability to sharpen it. For six days worth, I'll go back to Lancome's brow pencil that's worth every bit of the $25. Lancome's last months!

  2. It does drive me a batty. I even sent an email to my contact at Maybelline about it. That said, for me the Lancome pencil was not quite my shade and did not fill in sparse spots as well.

    Recently I went to CVS in Greenwich to see if in fact they did have a sharpener that I missed. Nope. And on top of that they were charging $11.99 for it!

    Glad you love yours and get your money's worth from your purchase.
    Thanks for visiting and leaving your comment.

  3. I like the waxy feel of the pencil as you put it on but it won't last very long and I can't seem to sharpen it.



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