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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Chez Chez la Femme

Chez Chez la Femme

Vionnet pleated dress
$1,585 -

Vince Camuto stiletto high heels
$195 -

Summer clutch
$50 -

Gold jewelry
£60 -

Jane Norman tassel earrings
£5 -

O.K. my lovelies!!! New obsession has been born.  Have I been living under a rock???  Polyvore is an amazing site.  Not only do I get to put my fantasy ensembles together, but it shows you how you can purchase them too!

Soooo much more advanced than Colorforms.

Please bear with me while I attempt to immerse myself on this slippery learning curve.  There are a lot of ways to get more creative and make this prettier.  Rest assured you will be seeing lots of them, all in DivaDebbi style.



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  1. Yes, Polyvore is SO much fun - yet another place to while away the hours. Like having your own in house photoshop editor!!



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