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Monday, March 26, 2012

Review: Skinnygirl Tinted Daily Moisturizer

Skinnygirl Tinted Daily Moisturizer
$10.99. Available in 3 Shades
Bethenny Frankel is one of those polarizing people; either you love her or your hate her.  One thing I don't think anyone can take away from her is that she is one savvy business woman and a successful author.

On the heels of her lucrative sale of her Skinnygirl Margarita to a large distiller and distributor, she is expanding her brand by taking on the world of beaute. 

Even more interesting, was that she chose to go mass, launching her face and body collection at Walmart.  I reckon that someone who ha multiple Birkin bags, has probably never set toe in a Walmart,  but like I already pointed out, she is not only a Skinnygirl, but a Clevergirl too.

I've never set toe in a Walmart either, so when I was offered the opportunity to try one of  her products, I jumped at the chance to sample Skinnygirl Tinted Daily Moisturizer in Mocha, (this link will take you to her newly launched website.)  It's nice to have the option...

Upon opening and discovering a built in brush, it called to mine the By Terry Light Expert I purchased this summer in Toffee.

Skinnygirl Tinted Daily Moisturizer in Mocha, is a rich, burnished nutty brown that looks completely natural on meThis is the exact shade of toasted almond, I used to bake myself to, in my youth.  Am I in heaven???  You bet.

As much as I wanted to love Expert Light, (and believe me, for what I paid for it, I really did want to love it), the color never blended as well on my skintone as it did under those fairy lights at Bloomingdales.

In addition, Skinnygirl Tinted Moisturizer, is infused with a Broad Spectrum SPF 15, which Light Expert lacks.  You may need to add a touch of additional moisturizer to get it to distribute seamlessly--SPF is notoriously tacky, but it's easily managed.

Am I tempted to try other Skinnygirl  beauty products?  Yup.  I already have my eye on the her Skinnygirl Body Solutions Smooth And Firming Body Lotion and Body Wash.

At these prices, I can be a Clevergirl too.



  1. Well, I've never been in a Walmart either, thugh my reasons may be a little different than yours or Bethenny's. Walmart is a notoriously bad employer, exploiting its employees, not allowing them to unionize, not offering basic benefits and a lot more than I have room for here. I know this is not a political column, nor should it be, but I care passionately about humane treatment of workers and just wanted to point it out to you. I will also send Bethenny an email. Too bad she could not add to her empire another way!

  2. Hi Susan,
    Thank you for taking the time to post your comment. I obviously don't know much about Walmart and their policies.

    Best to you,

  3. Her products were originally supposed to have a whole section in Target. I don't know what happened with that deal or how they ended up in Wal-Mart instead. I bought the Tinted Daily Moisturizer in Mocha also, and I love the color also, but I find I have to apply it with a little more moisturizer. I am on vacation for a week in Florida and I am using just that instead of heavy foundation, love it! I also bought the Skinnygirl Plumping Lip Gloss in Ruby Red and am liking it so far, it does burn the lips for a while after you put it on, but lasts a long time. I also bought the line filler and it really tightens up your whole face! I am saving that for special occasions, it is not something I would use every day. Can't wait to try more products!

  4. well I love me some Target! I could spend hours in there! I agree about the tinted moisturizer need a little more slide. I think that may be because of the SPF, which are generally pretty static. I have been mixing it with a bit of Revlon Age Defy foundation. Loving the effect!

    Thanks for visiting DarcyB511!




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