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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

How to Sell Boots in the Dead Heat of Summer

How did we all function before cell phones?  The ability to email, text and send pictures in a nano can be both a blessing and curse, but I must confess--I love being this plugged in.

One of the things I use it for most, is to send pictures of things I know my clients need or would adore.  After 17 years of wardrobing many of them, my instincts are honed like an ax..  I sent a picture of these Rocco P. boots to my friend and client Abby.  She bought a similar pair from Duccio Del Ducco last year and lived in them.

Something about this smokey grey boot with cocoa undertones just looked new and neutral to me... so I snapped this photo and attached it to a mobile text and said, "You MUST come visit these"!!!

Abby liked the text photo, so we made an appointment for her to come and see them.  What to do when you are looking at boots,  the weather is hovering around 90 and your are pressed for time???  Surely no one under 20 should ever wear boots with shorts...not even for a try on session.

And then, the lovely Shirley Bond, one of our amazing shoe specialists at Richards, came to our rescue! Shirley, had our tailor shop whip up half a bootleg jean, with an elasticized band at the knee, solely for this purpose, (no pun intended)!:

Now Abby could visualize just how they would look in an instant!  They do look better at right, don't you agree???  Naturally, she bought them!  (For more information, call me at 203-622-0551.  Yes, you can be connected to DivaDebbi or leave me a voicemail)!.

It struck me how much I enjoyed the meshing of new technology and with old fashioned resourcefulness. Cleverness is always in style.

Thanks Shirley Bond!!!  We don't call you 007 for nothing --Now if we can just get those martini's going...



  1. that denim leg idea is genius! All shoe stores should have them!

  2. I agree Laura!
    It put such a smile on my face. So clever of Shirley who we affectionately call 007!




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