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Friday, August 26, 2011

Pushing 50? Who looks Older Lindsay or Dina Lohan?

OMG!!!  Every now and then I remember to check in on one of my guilty pleasures,  the website Awful Plastic SurgeryIt's a who's who of  wtf, no other way to put it. They don't update all that often and sometimes they feature starlets that may or may not be Jersey Shore regulars, I have zero way of knowing.

But this is a travesty! (And naturally, I must share it with you).  Check out these photo's of Lindsay Lohan:

I literally gasped when I saw this photo.  A once beautiful young woman (20 at left), looking harsh, mottled and old at 25!!!

But it gets worse!!!

Take heed!!!  A true cautionary tale to be shared with all teenagers and young women...this is what drugs, alcohol, too much sun, bleach, botox and restalyne, will do to a person.  Frightening!!!

Lastly, a picture of Lindsay and her mother Dina (48).  I have the feeling that Lindsay, with her blow fish cheeks, thinks she's looking like an ingenue...frankly I think Dina looks fresher:

There has been a bit of turmoil over on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills set recently, with the untimely and sad suicide of  reality star Taylor Armstrong's husband Russell Armstrong.  Rumor's are swirling about editing out many of Taylor's scenes, which focused heavily on her failing marriage to Russell...

Take heed Bravo: 

I'd bet a bottle of peroxide, that one or both of the Lohan "housewives" just might be available...

On a less silly and snarky note,  please be smart and safe this weekend if Irene may be crossing your path.  She's a going to be a bitch.


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