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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Atopalm Cleansing Wipes: Do They Take it ALL Off?

I have not had much luck with cleansing wipes in the past.  They just don't seem to get that clean thing done. Seriously, what is the point if it requires intense follow-up? 

When I received information about Atopalm Cleansing Wipes,  available at, I was skeptical, but optimistic since they are steeped with nutrients and other goodies like Vitamin E, calming Allantoin and Grape, Olive and Jajoba seed oils.  Not only were they promising clean, but deeply hydrated as well...Oh and no rinsing required. 

O.K!....twist my arm.

Atopalm Cleansing Wipes are "formulated specifically for dry, sensitive and sun damaged skin".  I don't wholeheartedly qualify for any of these categories, but nothing about these cool, soothing wipes could possible offend.  They clean off every bit of face makeup and leave your skin deeply hydrated....all good.

My one gripe is that I thought I was signing up for something that could remove my eye makeup as well. such luck. So my one step is a two step. Hmmmmm...O.K.

So.  Do Atopalm Cleansing Wipes take it all off?  That depends...No makeup types???  You have met your match!  25 wipes cost $12.99 and they are travel friendly.


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