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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I'm Melting...Melting!

I don't think it's a coincidence that 6 people have asked me if I have lost weight in the last few days...the scale is also looking good, thank you.  I'm not much of a foodie, primarily because I have little interest in cooking,  even though I come from a long line of great ones and do appreciate eating beautifully prepared food.

The only thing I can attribute this to, is the Body Melt treatment I experienced at the Equinox Spa in Greenwich...  When I told Gentry Long the always enthusiastic and professional General Manager that I was a Beauty Blogger, he was excited for me to sample some of the advanced treatments the spa has to offer like the Body Melt and the Hydrofacial.  Naturally I was game and excited. 

Here is the skinny on my incredible experience with the Body Melt Treatment:
I was shown into a comfortable treatment room and given disposable panties and a robe, by the delightful Denise, a professional masseuse, also trained to perform the somewhat complex Ionithermie treatment, aka, "The Body Melt". We first discussed my medical history, so she could determine if there were any contraindications for my having the treatment...Not.  Denise then discreetly took body measurements from my bra line to my knees, so we would have an objective "before" to compare to my "after". (I alternated between peeking over her shoulder and sealing my eyes shut, as she recorded them).

Next came the application;
 1) a special tonic is applied to cleanse and aid absorption of active ingredients.
 2) A highly concentrated, fresh anti-cellulite ampule is broken and gently sprinkled on.
 3) Aferligne/Afina a firming and slimming gel is applied.
 4) a warm conductive algae infused clay,  that "detoxifies and remineralizes" the body is mixed up in a metal bowl and smoothed on with a rubber spatula.

Denise professionally explained each step as she applied them and then we agreed to focus on my stomach, waist and hips for the most aggressive part of the treatment . "Iontophoreses" also called "galvanic current" propels the active ingredients to the "cellular level" while the muscles are gently stimulated. (Mom,  you should stop reading now)...

Denise placed the conductors on my right and left sides and the center of my stomach, where she could control the amount of stimulation for each area.  We slowly built the intensity higher over my 30 minute treatment.  There was no discomfort, just the odd sensation of working out, without lifting a finger. (In the morning I felt like I had done about 3000 crunches). 

Here's what I looked like during the treatment:
Toes on top, in case you are wondering...

And Post treatment:

(Yes, I know I'm cheating you out of the before pantie shot I dangled the other day.  I  just shared them with my colleagues Linda and Ana and they flipped!!!  Suffice to say they are both scheduling appointments today, (203-863-0070).

The clay removes cleanly and doesn't require a shower. Denise then applied a soothing Body Milk,  Lait our Le Corps as a finish.  Then we measured the results...The greatest effect was where we concentrated the galvanic astounding 7.5 inches melted away between my bra line and top of hips. 

How much does this remarkably effective treatment with zero downtime cost???  Hold on to your love handles---$195!!!  No wonder women and men are flocking!  Fabulous results after just a single treatment.

The brochure shows an especially good case.  The client lost 56 inches in 13 sessions.  That is roughly $2600, a fraction of what it would cost to perform liposuction, without any painful bruising or downtime.

Results can be optimized and sustained with exercise, healthy eating and use of the recommended Ionithermie Home Care Products.

I could easily see doing this again if I had to fit into a killer dress for an important occasion.  In a word Wow!!!

Aren't you glad I'm nutty enough to try all this stuff first and then report back on it for you???  Body Melt is a winner and you have nothing to lose...except inches.



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