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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Miracles do Happen: A Sexy Dress WITH a Sleeve

Why do most dresses look better without a sleeve???  How is it possible that a few inches of fabric can make a fabulous "Audrey" dress look like something  June Cleaver would wear, while scrabbling eggs for Wally and the Beave?

As Richards Personal Shopper, I can tell you it's a universal conundrum.  There are times, like mid-January or when you are slacking at the gym, when a sleeveless dress just won't do.  

That's why I was thrilled when this gorgeous, versatile cashmere dress from German designer Talbot Runhof arrived...with a sleeve:

In a rich dark navy, this lightweight, fully lined, ruched bodice dress could easily go from day to evening with a change of accessories.  If I was going to Mercedes- Benz Fashion Week during the day or to meet my Gal Pals for a day in the City, I would wear it with this comfortable, low heeled  black suede Gucci Riding boot:

And carry all that I need by day, in this rich burgundy Prada tote:

Including this feather weight Brunello Cucinelli scarf, should a chill develop in the late afternoon:

Tres Chic...No?

The same Talbot Runhof dress would look divine in the evening at a cocktail party, business dinner or the ballet styled with this jaw dropping Jimmy Choo platform plum suede shoe:

(Be still my heart)!, teamed with this Nancy Gonzalez alligator charcoal clutch:

and the Brunello scarf serving double duty...

Miracles do happen...every day at Richards.  Well done Talbot Runhof.  Who knows??? Maybe it will even start a trend.



  1. *gasp* that Prada bag is stunning. Especially the colour. I'm all about burgundy & wine tones right now.

  2. Could you die???

    I am totally obsessed with this bag Jane. Right now I'm just visiting and coveting it...Ohhhh I've got the "I wants"!!!


  3. I figured-- this place is huge-- there's gotta be ONE dress in here for me that will fit my body and be cute and appropriate. sexy fashion



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