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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Sometimes The Glass Slipper is a Dress...

I had a wonderful Girls Day in NYC on Monday.  My friend Jeannie organized it and in addition to our mutual pals Nancy and Abby, I  got the chance to know Mona and Julie better.  We took advantage of Restaurant Week and chose something relatively close to the Met, which in response to enormous demand,  was opened to allow  more people to be able to see the extraordinary Alexander McQueen exhibit (round two for me), before it closes on August 7th.  Our lunch was delicious, but was marred by a most unfortunate snarly waitress with hygiene issues. In a nutshell, OY VEY!

Mona works for a major beauty corporation and nicely, is a fan of my Blog.  She asked me why I write so much about beauty and if I feel more passionately about it than fashion.  To her point, it would appear that way, but in reality, I've never wept over a new moisturizer, or broken out in spontaneous goosebumps over a lipstick launch.  I have, however,done that many times, when I have been overwhelmed by the beauty of a new collection.  I cried and hyperventilated just the other day, so I thought I would share it with you what got me so crazy:

Sometimes something comes into Richards that we are instantly a buzz about...the cut, the whimsy, the fabric, something about it makes us all feel good and we generally sell what we LOVE first.  Such was the case with a charming, one shouldered Alberta Ferretti dress, with a knife pleated, vaguely Tinkerbell chiffon skirt.  Below, is a closeup of the amazing lighthearted print.  The bird particularly charmed me:

Alberta Ferretti- Spring 2011

Clients too, responded to it, so it was tried on dozens of times, on women in all shapes and sizes.  Sadly, it looked right on no one and made it's way to the very last week of our sale rack.

One of my lovely clients came in first thing on Tuesday for an appointment.  She is a second time bride this weekend and we were looking for something to wear to brunch on Sunday and possibly the rehearsal dinner on Friday night.  Of course, it's essential to have something new to surprise your new groom with on the Honeymoon, so really, anything that fit and was fab, was in play.

My camera shy Bride is a beauty who is tall and slim.  She really could rock the proverbial potato sack...Sometimes the sale rack is filled with woofers, but sometimes, there are some treasures, like the Alberta Ferretti, that to the dismay of many, just missed.  If  anybody could make this work, it was Bride.

I left my office to look for an accessory and came back to this vision:

Bride laughed in delight, as she saw me grasping the walls, after my knees buckled, tears streaming down my cheeks.  A magical moment!!!  Finally, my beloved Ferretti had found a proper home.  Be still my heart!!!

So dear Mona, thank you for awakening my passion to write about my truest passion and with your indulgence, I think I will do it more often.  Any thoughts or objections DD readers?

To beautiful Bride and her gorgeous Groom, may the world shower with you joy on this wedding weekend and in all the years ahead.



  1. HI Debbi - I think you should definitely do it more often!! I loved this little piece. And it's a good thing for your Bride that I didn't get into the store before her because I ADORE this dress!! But since it looks like the dress suits her to perfection, I am glad to see it was a success for her!! Wishing her all the best on her upcoming nuptials - from this sneak peek, I'm sure she will look spectacular!!

  2. Thanks Q.!
    I thought you might like this blog and I knew you would appreciate this gorgeous Ferretti dress. You too, could have given it a proper home!

    From now on, I will be adding things that make my heart melt each week.


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