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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Primed to Perfection:Fit for a Pip or a Princess

I received a mod looking package of goodies from Rimmel London earlier this week. I am almost always blown away by just how good these products are for the price point.  It has a cheeky, young vibe and I can easily see Pippa and  Catherine mixing Rimmel London in with their  Edward Bess lippies,  much the way they mix their Top Shop  finds with Chanel.

My purple Plexiglas "Get Brit-Girl Summer Beauty"cube included several new products and an update of one of my favorite "cheap and cheerful" finds,  Fix and Perfect Foundation Primer001,  the original peachy, pink Calamine Lotion hued primer evens out the skin tone and  keeps your makeup flawless. Or for no makeup types, can be used alone.  Somewhere along the way, I stopped using it, though I still have an unused tube that I purchased from a buy one get the other at 50% off CVS sale. Maybe summer is when we need a primer the most, yet somehow, the thought of adding another layer appeals the least.   With the temperature soaring to close to ninety and my son's doubleheader on tap, yesterday seemed like the perfect day to see if the new 002 Fix & Perfect Pro Primer ($8.99), could hold its own against the elements...

Right out of the tube, I was surprised at the much lighter consistency of 002.  For starters it's now white. The new claim is, "advanced 5-in-1 results: It smooths, resurfaces, brightens, protects and mattifies skin to create the perfect canvas".  The result:  Foundation looks more flawless and wears longer"! 

I'm not sure where the "protection" comes in, since there is no SPF in the product, but with 90 degree temps, I was planning on my own sunblock anyway..."mattifying" was definitely top of list, along with simply having any makeup stay in place.  I usually do use Kimara Ahnert's eye primer, which keeps my eye makeup in place from dawn (ish...never a morning girl), till dusk.  Today I skipped it and used Fix & Perfect 002 on my lids instead.  As soon as I got home, I looked in the mirror to see if anything was still in tact and snapped this pic.  In addition to the heat, this field was a dry and dusty as a Texas tumbleweed. I wasn't hopeful...

To my surprise, my makeup looked completely fresh. While I certainly was not in "full face" considering the activity of the day, I was amazed that it pretty much looked exactly how I started. Good shtuff ladies and Princesses.

So Pip and Kate, I know your sheg-u-wools are uber busy these days. If your reading this I wish!, give it a whirl...It doesn't appear that either of you need any help, but Fix & Perfect Pro Primer 002 will keep you primed for perfection (and us mere mortals as well).



  1. This is one of my favorite primers. It's different then the usual ones. I agree, it does even out your skin, sometimes (on a good day) I won't have to use as much foundation or powder. My #1 primer is smashbox photo finish primer. I love your blog btw!!

  2. Hey KellaBella!
    Glad you like Fit & Perfect too! Have you tried 002 yet or are using 001? I think it's even better.
    Love Smashbox Primer too. Did you ever try their high def finishing powder? Pretty amazing stuff...especially if you will be posing for pics!
    I'm so happy you enjoy my blog! Share me please and Like me on PR pals love that!





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