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Thursday, July 14, 2011


When my college BFF Lisa visited from San Diego last week, she lovingly hauled several photo albums with her for us to reminisce.  Here is an early Diva
shot in our dorm room, blow dryer in hand, big hair, potions on the dresser and what you can't see, a huge CVS bag on the bed.  In essence, despite the years, not much as changed...

We are both workout fiends, so a visit to Equinox was on our agenda.  I would probably cave and do more aerobic activity, but that would require more hair toil than I can handle, not to mention the dissipation of color with too frequent washing.  While Equinox nicely supplies top of the line Solaris blow dryers the rest of the haul is on you.  I forgot my flat iron so I naturally went for Lisa's.  Would it be an exaggeration to say that the results from her temperature controlled, ceramic tourmaline HairArt flat iron was astonishing???  No.  How do you spell  E-P-I-P-H-A-N-Y???  All flatirons are not created equal.

Who knew???  My flat iron heats up quickly and then continues rising to infinity.  Within a minute, I could fry eggs on it, so I constantly have to unplug it before each pass.  Lisa's HairArt had 5 temperature settings and remained on a steady 370 degrees while I blow dried my hair and Lisa put on her makeup.  Every pass brought my hair closer to straight, even silky perfection.  Did I really hear angels singing?  Now that I found Nirvana, how could I live without it?  In a show of unfettered BFF unselfishness, Lisa offered to leave it with me.  Through gritted teeth, I of course declined, but ordered it through Amazon the second I got home.  I selected the seller that didn't charge shipping or tax, confident that it was the best $68.00 I ever spent.

Whenever possible, If I am making an online beauty purchase, I try and read user reviews.  HairArt 3000 received 4.5 our 5 stars from 38 mostly "AA" readers.  Dope that I am, my first thought was, "why on earth is this woman telling us she is an alcoholic"???  After a few more reviews, the dim light bulb went off and I realized that "AA" meant African American.  Now it was falling into place.  Lisa is also AA and she and many of the reviewers learned about HairArt after getting fabulous results at their hairdressers. Sounds like a best kept trade secret.  Lisa believes, and I tend to agree, that being able to control the temperature does make a difference. It also seems to best suit  thick, coarse or wavy hair.

It arrived last night, just as I was running out for a Girls Night Out dinner, so I had to wait until this morning to test drive...was it just a case of wanting what I didn't have, or was it just as good?  You tell me!!!

Put it this way, the 39th reviewer just gave it 5 stars.



  1. ooh, a hair holy grail! Congratulations!
    You look fab! (in all 3 pictures)

  2. Indeed!!! Many reviewers talked about having it owned it for years too. Thanks so much for your sweet compliment.


  3. Work out fiends? Really?

  4. Why have I slacked next to you in class? Lol!
    Lisa, for sure. 5 Aerobics classes a week plus jerking 35lbs of free weights definitely qualifies her in my book. I am a Go Figure devotee, which is based on the Lotte Berk dance method. I've also added mat pilates and the weight circuit to my repetoire...yeah, I think we both qualify...I guess "fiend" is in the eye of the beholder.



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