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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Stop and Shop: Supermarket Beauty

The heat was so oppressive this past weekend, that I did something I have never done before: shop for beauty products in the supermarket.  Somehow I couldn't muster the energy for a Sephora or CVS run and I was desperate.

Quite surprisingly, because this was a super Stop & Shop, the offerings were much more substantial than the one I usually go to, ( 8 tidy aisles that I could shop blindfolded), but where I once spied a Coty lipstick from the 50's.  I needed two things: a gel formula eyeliner pencil and some type of oil or serum to calm the triangular puff that had become my head.  After the amount of time it might take baby to take his first steps, it was finally time to bid adieu to my pot of  Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Eyeliner Gel, so I parked my cart and perused the offerings...
My criteria was a gel formula and something that was long wearing.  I find gels tend to have more depth and I prefer gliding to tugging.  I selected Almay's Eye Liner Crayon Contour, 205 in Black Noir, because it promised 16 hours of smudge proof wear plus easy removal as well as self sharpening.

Next, I was on to the hair care aisle, which was shockingly well stocked, with better product than I had imagined,  not just Flex Balsam.  I keep thinking about trying some type of Moroccan Oil in my hair, but still haven't made the plunge.  What I needed was an anti-frizz potion, that could be applied on DRY puffy, triangular hair.  I have used  Garnier products over the years and have been impressed with the performance for the price point.   Garnier's Sleek & Shine Anti-Frizz Serum,  looked to meet all my criteria... It is infused with Argan oil from Morocco (close enough) and apricot oil to smooth hair for 48 hours, even in 97% humidity.  This was going to be test driven in the car.  Result??? 97% improvement, instantly.  I done good!!!

I managed to wait until I got home to try the Almay Eye Liner Crayon.  It's always a fine sign when a pencil does not require repeated strokes on the "water line" (the inner top lid).   Though I love the result, it always skeeves me a bit to line my inner eyeball, so the quicker I'm in and out, the better.  It has a nice narrow point, and the formula is creamy, not runny and highly pigmented. I genuinely like it.
Two for two.  Remarkable.

And we will leave it at that...


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