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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

101 Ways to Clean with the Kiss My Face Peace Soap

I loved when my cyber worlds collide!  I received two inquiries from DivaDebbi subscribers today, requesting more reviews on "green" products as well as an unprompted conversation about the same, with my friend and colleague Linda Levy.  YES...the skin is the largest organ in our body and I should be more mindful about what I am slathering all over it.  About 60% of what I blog about, is sampled to me and I guess I just have not been on too many peoples "green" radar.  Then, lo and behold, a clever, eye opener from Kiss My Face arrived in my inbox, explaining the multitude of virtues for the use of Kiss My Face Peace Soap.  I rarely do verbatim and almost always sample first, but this time, I am making an exception for Liz, Lisa and Linda and the rest of my readers who may enjoy this with notes on my faves:

What do hardwood floors, soft skin and camping all have in common?  Kiss My Face Peace Soap!  This 100% natural castile soap offers 101 unbeatable uses (yes, 101!) from your body to the outdoors, making your cleaning dreams come true.  For starters:  1.  Daily hand wash  2. Manicure treatment 
3.       Foot Soak
4.       Bubble Bath
5.       Shower
6.       Basic Shampoo
7.       Shave
8.       Baby
9.       Teeth 
10.    Dishes
11.    Fruit/veggie wash (brilliant)
12.    Countertops
13.    Detailing appliances
14.    Ceramic servers 
15.    Pots
16.    Stove top
17.    Pans
18.    Vent hood (potentially genius)
19.    Sink
20.    Medicine Kit
21.    Delicate Porcelain
22.    Christmas Ornaments
23.    Glass Vases (would love to find something to leave them muckless)
24.    Window Treatments
25.    Desk Drawers (excellent)
26.    Home Entertainment Systems
27.    Floor boards
28.    Floor Mats
29.    Chandeliers
30.    Copper Cleaner (really)?
31.    Antique furniture
32.    Fine China
33.    Place mats
34.    Silverware
35.    Tile
36.    Grout cleaner
37.    Household phones
38.    Ceiling Fans
39.    Air Filters
40.    Baseboards
41.    Staircases
42.    Picture frames
43.    Hardcover books (good to know)
44.    Shower curtains
45.    Bathtub
46.    Mirror
47.    Bath facets and fixtures
48.    Cabinet Fronts
49.    Walls
50.    Doors
51.    Light switches
52.    Wicker furniture
53.    Vinyl Mattress
54.    Cribs
55.    Playpens
56.    Lingerie (good)
57.    Cashmere (better)
58.    Daily Laundry (in a pinch, thanks yes)
59.    Outerwear
60.    Mittens, Hats and Scarves
61.    Spot treating stains
62.    Diapers (no, Thank GOD)!
63.    Hand washables
64.    Jewelry (me likey)
65.    Baby Toys and Rattles
66.    Plush Animals
67.    Camping Essential 
68.    Gentle leather cleaner
69.    Wellingtons
70.    Exterior of boat/yacht
71.    Interior of boat/yacht
72.    Algae removal
73.    Giving your pets a bath
74.    Pet Cages
75.    Pet’s Toys
76.    Riding Tack 
77.    Car Detailing
78.    Patio Furniture
79.    Inflatable Pool Rafts
80.    Outdoor Umbrellas
81.    Beach Toys
82.    Lawn furniture
83.    Wool Sweaters
84.    Sex Toys (I like how they snuck this in)!
85.    Ice Hockey helmet
86.    Retainer
87.    SCUBA gear (not on your life)
88.    Children’s play set cleaner
89.    Athletic mouth guards
90.    Instrument Mouth Pieces
91.    Deck
92.    Plant Insecticide
93.    Garden Tools
94.    Travel Kit
95.    Luggage exterior and interior (good idea)
96.    Travel Mugs (Do they get stinky or what)???
97.    Lunchbox cleaner
98.    Re-usable plastic grocery  bags
99.    Laminated surfaces
100.Make-up bags (uh yeah)!!!
101.Yoga mats

This castile soap is a safe and gentle alternative to traditional soaps that often contain harsh ingredients.  Formulated with minimal natural ingredients including olive, coconut and jojoba oils, the soap is biodegradable and environmentally friendly and good for cleaning just about anything. 

Peace Soap is available in the following natural scents:
  • Grassy Mint  (this is what I'm sampling)
  • Lemongrass Clary Sage
  • Lavender Mandarin
  • Pomegranate Acai

Peace Soap is free of parabens, phthalates, and animal ingredients and was not tested on animals.  The packaging features peace written in languages from around the world and is made from 50% recycled plastic.

Peace Soap is available for $9.99 (17 oz) and $14.99 (34 oz) at Whole Foods Market and

Here's to the beginning of a new chapter, if y'all are interested in my including more green,  let me know!!!


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  1. This castile soap is a safe and gentle alternative to traditional soaps that often contain harsh ingredients.



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