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Friday, July 22, 2011

It's a 10...Definitely

Last summer, after reviewing and purging dozens of hair products from under my sink, I whined to all of you that I was looking for just one product to multi-task and address my hair care needs; volumizing roots, adding shine and controlling frizz without sticky build up.  Where for art thou???

When we have family get togethers, I always look forward to seeing my equally beauty obsessed cousin Karyn.   Karyn is a highly placed retail executive, with endless opportunities to sample high end beauty products.  We usually sit on the floor, cross legged,  emptying  the contents of our makeup bags, while we compare and critique their contents-- Then we move on to hair...

It was Karyn who told me about her new Holy Grail hair find: It's a 10 Miracle Styling Serum, and best of all it was the one and only product she needed.  Ahhh Brava!!!

It's a 10 is the brain child of  Carolyn Plummer and Scott Scharg, who after 20 years of industry experience a piece, "decided to create their own custom salon hair care line to change hair care for the better". They too, wanted a more simplified approach and that quest, led them to the development of  It’s a 10.

I decided to contact them and share my tale of the Blogger and the beauty obsessed cousins and asked for a sample of It's a 10.  Very nicely, they agreed and sent me their newest offering, It's a 10 Miracle Leave-In plus Keratin, (Though my hair is not keratin straightened...yet) as well as Miracle Finishing Spray.

I couldn't wait to try it!   As it was drying, it felt like it needed some more moisture so I cheated and sprayed in some Humectress Leave-In Conditioner.  Somehow, I felt like my drying time was significantly less and the outcome was excellent, sleek and shiny, but not flat.  Ahhhh Brava!

The next morning, my hair required very little to get it looking good, which was "a 10", since I had a busy day and night on tap; a visit to the Georgio Armani showroom in N.Y. and in the evening; a picnic party on the beach in Westport Ct.  The temperature in the city was oppressive yet my hair remained tame and manageable.  While it would be cooler at the beach at night,  it would also be more humid, so I pulled my hair back  a bit, and hoped for the best and had a wonderful time.

I snapped this picture when Ifirst  got home and for beach head, I was kinda thrilled!

Another reason that I like It's a 10, is one that is close to my breast heart.  It's a 10 supports hereditary breast cancer advocate and survivor Christina Applegate and her foundation Right Action for Women.  Right Action for Women (RAW), educates women about what it means to be at high risk of breast cancer and provides financial assistance to cover the high cost of advance breast screenings. (It is my fervent hope, that RAW also helps pay for genetic testing for those women who cannot afford to pay $3000 to find out if they have an inherited mutation, like me and Christina).

For the second year in a row, It’s a 10 Haircare has teamed up with Right Action for Women to create a limited edition  pink bottle of the Miracle Leave-In Product.  Throughout the month October, proceeds of the sales of this product at salons and beauty supply stores nationwide will go to RAW.  (My local CVS now carries It's a 10.  It is also readily available on Amazon).

Ahhh Brava.  Innovative, effective and supportive of women in need.  It's definitely a 10.


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