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Friday, August 6, 2010

Getting the Glycolic Glow

A little housekeeping about my Chelsea post, for those  who were cranky with me:   I do think Chelsea is an attractive girl.  I simply think that if she chose to look more like she does, ( in the picture of her) with soft, pretty hair and makeup with a lighter hand,  she would have looked better on her wedding day.  No retraction, just a clarification and I'm sticking with it, (besides, I forewarned you)!

Since I have had to develop a thicker skin over this, I want to share with you my favorite products for shedding some, and each and everyone of them revolves around glycolic acid.  People nicely compliment me on my skin's, "glow".  I'm convinced that regular use of products that are infused with it, are responsible for keeping my skin in fighting shape...(I am a little pressed for time, so I will share the other 3 over the weekend).
Skin Effects Glycolic Cream Cleanser $12.99  CVS nationwide.  Hands down,  the best cleanser I have ever used!!!  Love the rich creamy texture, love how it removes every trace of makeup without stripping or dryness, (I know this, because I have used toner afterwards and had zero residue show up on my cotton balls).  Skin Effects Glycolic Cream Cleanser, is infused with glycolic acid, which, "exfoliates and softens" and is balanced with hyaluronic acid which adds back moisture.  A little goes a long way so you will enjoy using the same pump bottle for several months...mine is still ticking after 4 months.

The Skin Effects line, was created for  CVS, by Boston based Dr. Jeffrey Dover.  I Googled Dr. Dover, and was blown away by his hard won credentials.  Blah blah Harvard, blah blah Yale.  Suffice to say, Dr. Dover, is one of the  most respected  Dermatologists and Cosmetic Surgeons in the U.S.  No wonder this stuff is so good.   Dr. Dover also dispelled a beauty myth for me;  I was alternating my use of glycolic product with Retin-A, because I had read somewhere that the two chemicals, "cancel each other out".  Patently, "false". Wonderful!  Just the answer I wanted to hear, since I am definitely a mo is better kinda girl.

So, hightail it over to CVS today and by Monday, I think you will already notice some improvement in clarity and tone.  More to come...

Happy weekend!



  1. Thanks for this post, Debbie. At 53, I am smack dab in the market for this kind of information. As always, just when I need it, you arrive with your little basket of goodies!
    On my way to CVS!

  2. I just bought the Skin Effects Glycolic Peel Kit. It's only 8% so I hope it works out good. Your post makes me want to go out and get the Cleanser!

  3. Hi Amy!
    So glad to be helpful...I really love this product. Stayed tuned for the others!

    Thanks for writing! I was going to look into the Glycolic Peel kit too, but 8% doesn't pack enough punch for me! Stay tuned too!


  4. Hi. Debbi,
    I too am enjoying your blog. Thanks a bunch!!! :)
    <3 Ronna

  5. I've never used a glycolic acid eversince. I do hope it works okay.



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