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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Mazel Tov

O.K., if you are the kind of person who thinks, "ALL brides and babies are beautiful",  I suggest you don't continue reading.
I think it is lovely that Chelsea Clinton  married her long term boyfriend Marc Mezvinsky on Saturday...I really do!  Forgive me if I am still holding out for a couple with a little more shuzzz,  for, "The Wedding of the Century".

Let's start with the good news.   I thought platinum lace band at the brides waist was a lovely touch.  The ivory frothiness of this Vera Wang gown looked both light and lighthearted, on Chelsea.  I would however,  have much preferred to see a jewel neckline with a cut in shoulder, rather than Chelsea's clavicle, as an accessory....too thin and too much skin.

Who do you imagine did Chelsea's makeup?  I've got my money on Dottie, from the Coty counter at the Rhinebeck Five and Dime.  The dark, matte brick lipstick used, accentuated her lips and the matte black liner looked harsh.  Nothing about this palette said, "blushing bride".  Bobbi Brown, would have been a natural to create  natural, soft, bridal makeup.  All Billary had to do was pick up the phone.  I am sure she would have even said yes to a Bush.

When it comes to bridal hair,  I am of the school that a gussied up version, of your best natural everyday look, is the best way to go.  If your hair has become one of your best assets, don't remove in point, if Jennifer Aniston ever remarries, do ya think she should wear it in a top knot???  Or,  is she at her best,  with her signature face framing locks???  Ditto Mrs. Mezvinsky

O.K., if you are still with me, I know you are thinking that DivaDebbi is really a snarky , be-atch, but hey, don't be cranky with me... really, be honest...a picture is worth 1000 snarky words.  Compare Chelsea's wedding look to her natural, softer, prettier everyday look...which do you think would have been better?

Mazel Tov,


Dedicated to my BFF and my Maid of Honor Barbara, whose charming house in the Berkshires, always has a room waiting for me.  Barbara is herself, an award winning writer.  The mere fact that she loves my Blog, fills me with joy.  Here's to BFF's,  forever.

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