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Saturday, August 28, 2010

False Advertising

Maybe it's just a clever turn of a phrase, but Maybelline's new mascara  The Falsies Volum' Express, is flying off the shelves.  Cute name, no doubt about it and none for me, nowhere.  Onward to plan B, though I stood staring at the empty display for a good 60 seconds, willing a Falsie to appear...Nope. Nah-dah.

It's amazing how many mascaras are routinely launched, many by companies with five or six other offerings already in existence.  It's hard to imagine how diffused the mascara market share must be, not just amongst companies, but within brands.  The result???  Confusion.  So who else was launching mascara this week??? Rimmel London.

Falsies and The Max Bold Curves both have curved brushes and promise extreme volume, all for $7.99  I didn't have a choice about choosing, so by default, I purchased The Max Bold Curves and carefully made note of where I was stashing my CVS receipt...just in case.

 I was hoping to replace the 3 mascaras I was currently using everyday with just one. The Max Bold Curves,  had a 6:30 a.m. kick start, as I deftly applied it in the car, on the way to NYC, (stop tssk tssking, I was a passenger).  Extremely impressive.  Nice consistency, no globs, a manageable medium sized brush enhanced by the curve that matches the natural lash line, full lush lashes, zero flakes and after a long, arduous day, it still looked perfect and washed off easily. Nicey nicey and a bargain to boot....still I was wondering...

The next morning I received and S.O.S. text from my sister Loren at a drugstore in Toronto, also desperate for a new mascara (and in mea culpa mode, for her last recommendation, Revlon's Grow Luscious- a stink bomb)!   What was I recommending???   Well...First I had to know if The Falsies was in stock.  I waited while she navigated the foreign aisles,  ( I'm quite sure she could tap her way around her local Duane Reade blindfolded)...

"YES. Have you tried it?  Should I buy it"?
"NO and Yes", I thumbed back. 
"Y, if you haven't tried it"?
"Bcause I can't get my hands on it in the USA and I have a back up that I like".
"Y can't I just buy the back up instead? What if I hate it"?
"Indulge me and report back after Yoga pls".

Ahhh...sisterly love!  Ok, Girls.  Here' is the 411: " LOVE LOVE LOVE!  A little wet at first, but manageable.  Great brush.  Amazingly long, thick lush results, no flakes, washed off simply and without tugging.  She knows me well...

"Shall I pick 1 up for u"?
"No thx.  I'll track it down b for I see u".

Hope I don't live to eat that text...naturally I want The Falsies now and I'm betting you do too.  It seems like there is some substance to this mascara besides it's styling name.  I'll publish this Blog, but hold off on Tweeting, until the goods are in hand...a Girls gotta do what a Girls gotta do.



  1. I'm scared to try it. It's getting really bad reviews on Amazon! 8 reviews and 6 are only 1 star. It is pretty cheap so there's not too much to lose.

  2. Of course I caved and tracked it down! I like it, my sister LOVES it. I did it side to side with the Rimmel yesterday, and The Falsies pack more punch.
    Rachel, do you have a CVS near you? They genuinely will take back every thing you try and hate, as long as you save your receipts. I spend a fortune in there, and I never hesitate to bring back the duds, which are cheerfully accepted.


  3. Debbi I got the Falsies and I love it too!!! It works as well as my Mally, maybe better. I took some pictures of before and after each. I'll try to email them to you!

  4. Oh Rachel, you are adorable!!!
    So glad you love it! Much more palatable than $20 for the Mally, especially if the results may even be better.

    Thanks for trying it out and letting me know!




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