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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Tuity-Fruity Nitty-Gritty Tale

I have the feeling that St. Ives Apricot Scrub, might be hiding under your sink, right now.  Like Bacitracin or Hydrogen Peroxide, somewhere along the way it became a bathroom staple.  Inexpensive, effective and a pioneer in the exfoliation field, I have bought it dozens of times...
In between,  I have tried many others, including a luxe sea salt scrubs infused in honey almond oil.  Some really do bring that spa feeling home, but the big thing that's missing is the Housekeeping staff...My zen is zapped, the second I have to scrub my tub,  apres scrubbing moi.  Not my idea of fun.

I think that's one of the reason St. Ive's Apricot Scrub has prevailed.  Yes, there is usually a little sandy residue, but nothing more than what you would dump out of a toddler's bathing suit, after a day at the beach..  I looked for it recently on a CVS run and was stunned to find it unavailable.

I have been frustrated by the lack of anti-aging ingredients in body products.   When I potted Neutrogena's Pink Grapefruit Foaming Scrub and it's less expensive CVS twin,  both boasting 2% Salicylic Acid as the key ingredient, I had a light bulb moment.  Sure, they have pimply faced youths in mind for this product, but I'm going to put the grapefruit, Vitamin C, anti-oxidants and acid to work on my grown up concerns.

So, how did one fruit stack up against the other???  Pret-tay, Pret-tay well!  It smelled tangy, foamed beautifully, exfoliated gently, and both me and the shower stall  rinsed to a squeaky, (but not stripped) clean.  My skin felt incredibly soft and primed for moisturizer and I have used it several times since.

Yes, it's a little unorthodox, but it worked.   As soon as the Beauty Biggies start meeting my body needs, I can stop making lemonade out of lemons.


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