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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I'm Rooting For You

Considering the phenomenal success of Clairol's Nice 'N Easy Root Touch-Up Kit, it's amazing we have not seen a bounty of competitors crop up in the women's hair care aisle,  (regular readers know I consider myself  it's true inventor, having used Just For Men's Beards and Moustaches to touch up my roots for years).  For a blip, Revlon introduced Root Perfect and then poof...just like that, it was gone.  When I spotted L'Oreal's new Root Rescue on a recent CVS run, I figured I better buy it guarantees it was sticking around.

Root Rescue is a low ammonia color gel, that also promises seamless coverage in just 10 minutes.  It  has a unique precision applicator, that gets attached to a one piece unit, (after mixing in the activator).   It's a toothy contraption, that does keep the flow of product steady and makes the application process incredibly simple. 
It has a pleasant smell that does not offend.   The downside of this product, is that by design, it's an all or nothing system.  As a casual footnote, they mention in the instructions that unused product should not be saved, since it is had the capacity to explode...Oh.  OK.  Thanks for that

The distinct advantage of Clairol's Root Touch-Up Kit,  is that it can be saved, since you are creating a fresh batch of what you need, each time.  I tried to think of something that I might be able to save half of the Root Rescue in, before adding the activator, but I also didn't want to monkey with the recommended proportions.  As a result, I wasted more than half the contents.

Did it do the job???  100%.  My hair also blew out well, with a bit of extra shine.  Will I be buying it again???  Probably not.    If the whole point of using these in-between, at home, DIY kits, is too cheat on my Colorist and stretch out my visits,  I may as well be doing it cost effectively.  Throwing out half the product does not fit into this budget.

Oh---and that un-used time bomb???  I made sure to pour it down the drain and douse my pipes with hot water.  Let's hope this stuff doesn't get into the wrong hands...It may make fertilizer bombs obsolete.  Just sayin'.


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