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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Both Brains and Beauty

What happens when two brilliant, articulate and charming people get together for an hour of conversation?

When Lisa Wexler is doing the interviewing, (on her must hear afternoon radio talk show), The Lisa Wexler Show  and the interviewee is my Breast Surgeon, the compassionate and esteemed  Dr. Andrew Ashikari, only good will come of it.

Tune in while Dr. Ashikari shares with Lisa all that is new in the areas of breast reconstruction, (including the Direct-to-Implant technique that he developed with his father Dr. Roy Ashikari and the uber talented Plastic Surgeon Dr. C. Andrew Salzberg), and surgical oncology options.

If you are in the listening area, tune in today from 4:00-6:00 p.m on your AM dial, (1400 in Westchester, 1350 in Fairfield County Ct.) and after you are hooked, come back and spend your afternoon's with LisaWexler  and her fascinating guests from the worlds of literature, science, politics and media.  I do, whenever I can!



  1. roy ashikari did a surgery on my breast when i was young. he is THE best. x

  2. Indeed! He insisted on removing a mass that most surgeons would have said, "let's watch it. Come back in 6 mos.". Not, Dr. Roy Askikari. Thank Goodness I was in his care, because it turned out to be a stage one malignancy!

    Good health to you!




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