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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Gray's Anatomy

Deja vu is such an interesting phenom...Because I do have a shallow, unsubstantial streak, I adore reading the Post's, Page Six every day. Yesterday's edition, featured a shot of Madonna, exiting a restaurant. Her twenty something boyfriend, Jesus Luz is a lovely truffle. Her arms???...Not so much.

As a Psychology major at the University of Maryland, I was required to take certain science courses. It was a coin flip, between Entomology and Anatomy. Always, thinking of a way to tweak the system, I took a gamble, that a summer session in Anatomy, at Nassau Community College, would probably be less rigorous. Dissection, I imagined would probably be confined to earth worms and bull frogs...Not so much.

You would know if you have ever smelled formaldehyde. It packs a sickening, cloying wallop to the senses. After adjusting my gas mask, I was rewarded with my own version of Garfield, stiff and matted in a Zip Lock freezer bag. So much for tweaking the system. (I will spare you the details, but that fur coat does not come with a zipper).

The reason that cat's are studied, is because of the similarities to humans skeletal and nervous systems. We all have, a humerus, tendons, deltoids, triceps brachii, and biceps brachii, amongst other things. Normally however, they are covered with skin or fur.

And thus, I was both mesmerized and transported back to my Anatomy class, by this shot of Madonna's arms. I try not to judge, but really, can she possibly think this is attractive??? I love a defined arm and work on mine, with a reasonably healthy dose of fanaticism. MObama's???...Purrrfection!!! Madonna's???...Not so much.



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