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Sunday, July 19, 2009


It's not often, that I apply common sense to my beauty and youth pursuits and when it comes to my comfort and safety, I am probably less adventurous, than the average soul.

The last time I hiked, was on a 3 day nature retreat, that the entire 6th grade class went on together. My idea of "hiking boots", were my new knee length, chocolate brown leather boots, with a perforated toe and a three inch heel. My teacher, Mr. Barton, was so exasperated with my slowing the downward descent of 75 students, that he literally, chased me down a mountain, poking me with a large stick.

I would definitely have reported this abuse to my parents, (particularly after my right heel snapped off), had it not been for our silent, tacit agreement:

Mr. Barton would not call my parents at 2:00 a.m., for masterminding the raid on the boys bunks and I would keep mum about being prodded like a billy goat, by a branch wielding mad man.

Fair enough...

But, I digress. When I first heard about Latisse, the new eyelash growing treatment from Allergan, I was immediately intrigued. Latisse, was a happy accident for the Allergan folks, who first created "Lumigan", not for vain glorious women, but for glaucoma patients. Like the "Fountain of Youth", swilling Seniors In Cocoon, Lumigan was not only treating glaucoma, but causing eyelashes to grow longer, thicker and darker. In a turn of good sportsmanship, the FDA approved Lumigan for cosmetic use and a star was born!

Here are seven things you should know about Latisse:

1) It must be prescribed my a Dr.

2) It has permanently darkened the irises of glaucoma patients with hazel
and green eyes.

3) You can use it on your lower lash line, as well.

4) The too fat brushes in the Latisse kit, can be used more than once
(and could benefit from a haircut).

5) Results are evident after 3 weeks, with maximum results at 16 weeks.

6) It's expensive.

7) It works, but requires maintenance.

So, 6 and 7 were where the common sense kicked in...If it were a one shot deal, I would already be grooming my lashes nightly with a Mason Pearson brush, but lifetime maintenance??? Not so fast--- I am already the equivalent of a rare Bugatti.

Fast forward to a call from my Latisse using friend, Dr. Elizabeth Chabner Thompson.

"You've got to come see my eyelashes". "Their insane"!

"Really"??? "I will be there in 20 minutes".

Dr. Thompson is a natural beauty and would be so without eyelashes, but these surpassed all my expectations. Caterpillars came to mind.

"What about the upkeep"?, I whined.

"To maintain them, you do need to continue using Latisse, but I am only doing it once or twice a week, instead of nightly".

Math was never by strong suit, but I quickly calculated, if there are 80 drops in a bottle and I only need 2-4 drops per week for maintenance, one bottle could maintain my lashes for 6 months. Entirely doable!

Fair enough...

I am three days in and documenting my results on You Tube...
come watch my progress. I am hoping to be batting my lashes like Miss Scarlett in 6 weeks and those maintenance costs??? Fiddle Dee-Dee.


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