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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Q -Too?

I did an informal poll today...I asked 5 of gal pals, if they could name the one brand name beauty product, that they all use every day. I then asked everyone to pull out their mascara, lipstick and blush to see if there was any product consensus---None. Zilch. Nada.

So, what is the one beauty product everyone uses everyday??? Q-Tips Cotton Swabs. Has there ever been a better gizmo for gently cleaning up make up misfires? I think not.

A while back Revlon came out with an, "eye makeup remover pen".
Of course I had to try it, immediately. It made sense that it was pre moistened with something liquid...I just didn't imagine it to be Crisco. Well, it seemed like a good idea, at the time.

I recently received another "Sneak Peak" from TotalBeauty. 4 decorative boxes, whose contents were not immediately obvious. What were we peeking at??? Q-Tips new launch, of pretty, tidy boxes, that are designed to be left on your bathroom vanity.


How was I going to Blog about Q-Tips??? Ultimately, with respect.. From babes in our mother's arms, to babes in our Dolce and Gabanna dresses, has any product been more consistently reliable? Have you ever purchased the anemic, generic offerings, with 50% less cotton at the tip? They should come with a warning label, that includes puncture statistics.

Yes, Q-Tips, are Bloggable. The boxes are attractive, the downy cotton tip is effective for eye makeup application and clean up and in a pinch, they are marvelous for cleaning your ears.


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