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Monday, August 3, 2009

Pish Posh and Don't Worry

To Whom it May Concern:

Thank you!!! I have been inundated with emails from well wishers, encouraging me to halt my Latisse trial, after I complained on my latest Divadebbi You Tube video, of experiencing extreme red, itchy eyes..."It's not worth it, your eyelashes look fine"! "You are headed towards corneal abrasion"! "Please stop"...all this before my Mother weighs in.

I decided it might be a good idea to re-read the patient instructions that come with much for my previously ignoring the boldly printed, "DO NOT APPLY TO LOWER EYELASHES". Oh.

In doing my research, I watched a You Tube video that was allegedly produced by Allergan. The woman in the video clearly states that Latisse can be applied to both upper and lower lashes simultaneously...clearly not.

What you are trying to avoid at all costs, (unless you have glaucoma), is to get Latisse in your eyes. By applying it to my upper and lower eyelids before bed, Latisse was resting in my eyeballs for 8 hours each night.

I am now only applying Latisse to my upper lids and have now gone 3 days without redness or discomfort. Needless to say, I am soldiering on and will keep you updated.

Recently, I visited my Aunt Dee, who lives in the City. Upon opening the door, I immediately noticed her lashes, (since the tips had never previously met her eyebrows) and inquired what she was doing differently. "I am using neu Lash". Wow! Neu Lash is available online, without a prescription. It's as pricey as Latisse, but is guarenteed to work in just 4 weeks and the ingredients are infused with "polypeptides, vitamins and minerals". Hmmmmm. That does have a slightly more gentle ring than, "Benzalkonium Chloride". Well, at least now, I have "plan B" in place.

So my dear readers, have faith. My beauty pursuits do have bounds, blindness being one of them. Side bar to my Mother: Deep breaths and no lectures, please. You will only elicit the same time worn response, "pish posh and don't worry".


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  1. Thanks for your Lattise comments. I have just ordered some and will begin using it soon. As a genetic male, eyelashes and other beauty products have never been a concern for me. But now that I'm in my fifties', I have become (discreetly) completely feminine and I am loving every soft moment of it.

    My wife of over 30 years supports me in this and is a great help with my makeup. Anyway, she used to comment how my eyelashes looked like a reptiles eye as I had almost none. I'm really looking forward to the Lattise treatment to turn this around. Please keep us all up to date with your results :-)



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