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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Good Vibrations

Are you a gadget girl??? I am clearly not. Why would I need the latest gizmo, when my heart palpitates, just thinking about learning to operate it???

One of the great things about our (previously) "gotta have it" society, is that, when an expensive, high tech gadget catches our fancy, (right before the Holiday season, naturally), someone, will figure out how to bring it to the masses, at half price, within 6 months. Call me Ms. July.

In December, when Lancome launched their Oscillating Mascara for $34, and Estee Lauder followed shortly with Turbo Lash for $30, I didn't motor a muscle to try them. The whole concept of vibrating mascara struck me as a pricey gimmick, I mean, is this necessary? Are we so sluggish, that we really need to speed up the process of applying mascara???

Not me, not until now...Right on schedule, like a $700 flat screen, Maybelline New York, just launched their version of vibrating mascara called, Pulse Perfection by Define-A-Lash. Granted, $14.99 for a Maybelline Mascara, is a premium price, but for me, one that is no longer resistible.

Needless, to say I couldn't wait to give it a test drive...I didn't expect to have an on/off option and I am not sure why. I just imagined it would come charging out of the tube, perhaps doing the Meringue in my makeup case, while not in use. To activate it, you must hold the button at the top of the wand down, and keep holding it, for it to stay on. Maybelline's product information claims that the brush vibrates, "7000 times per stroke". Oh. I guess that might be an advantage. It promises to build volume and length and add clump-free curl, (but don't they all)???

I think I wanted to poo poo this, as a ridiculous, unnecessary gizmo, for those too unindustrious to put their face on, one eyeball at a time, like everyone else...The truth is, I LOVE IT!!!. Pulse Perfection lived up to all of it's vows and it is safe for contact users too.

Geez, so what do you think is next on the horizon, quivering lipsticks and
flickering nail polish? We shall see. One thing for sure...6 months later, I am sure to give them a whirl.


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