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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Not Fade Away

Do you remember the shampoo's of your youth??? I can remember competing for shower stall space, with half empty bottles of Breck, Flex, Johnson's Baby Shampoo, Wella Balsam and the first Clairol Herbal Essence Shampoo, (which was dark emerald green and had an intoxicating floral smell). Ultimately, they all did the same fine job---rinse, lather and repeat, repeat repeat.

In my teens and twenties, I graduated to the modestly more expensive Pantene line, though I never once came close, to replicating the glossy, silken manes of their commercial lore. All in all, no better, no worse.

My first upwardly mobile salon style shampoo, was Nexxus Humectress. It's rich texture and coconut essence, deeply hydrated my hair, leaving it lush and bouncy. I was and easy convert, but I am also notoriously fickle, so I only periodically reunited with Humectress.

If you color your hair, (and who doesn't)?, your hair care needs change too. Particularly in the summer months, when the sun and more frequent washings suck color from your hair, like a medicinal leech.

I jumped on the opportunity to try the Nexxus Dualiste Color Protection and Intense Hydration system. At 5 weeks into my color cycle, it couldn't have arrived at a better time. Nexxus Dualiste, promises 40% better color protection, (over 10 washes), and employs a new technology that minimizes fading, (specifically, preventing water molecules from entering and dye molecules from escaping the hair shaft). In addition to Hydration, Dualiste is also available in Volumizing and Anti-Breakage formulas.

Dualiste shampoo and conditioner, has a unique, 2-sided pump, that delivers equal parts of the moisture and protection. At first whiff, I was transported back to my Humectress days, since it is also infused with coconut, honey and Vitamin E. Aural deja vu!!! I love it.

Step 3 was the Dualiste Leave-In Spray, which aides in the color protection and hydration as well as protecting against heat damage. Results??? Luscious to the touch and easy to style. If it can keep me in the color game for the next two weeks, it will be worth every penny.

I know there is a whole, next tier of up market shampoo's and conditioner's waiting for me to try, but I have never been able to make that leap. With results this convincing, what's the point??? I feel good about spending a little more on Nexxus, because I can see and feel the value...A year ago?...maybe. But today, I am not going to risk literally, pouring money down the drain. E tu???


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