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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Leading Lady

Happy, Healthy New Year!!! I will admit, that the last three months of 2008 have been a bit of a drag. I am so hopeful that the excitement of the upcoming Inauguration and the more thoughtful policies of Obama administration, will lead us to better times in 2009.

Now let's talk about "the" gown. The eyes of the entire world, will be on Michelle Obama and this time, let's hope she doesn't muck it up.

If I were lucky enough to have her as my client, here is what I would recommend:

1) An A list American Designer. Someone whose aesthetic is modern, youthful and feminine. Retailers need a little pat on the caboose at this time. An upcoming, unknown, is not what we need at this moment, to get women back in the stores. My number one pick, would be Michael Kors. The gown he sketched at left, is a great start... There will be a zillion state dinners, where that she can wear international or lesser known designers.

2) Michelle should play to her strengths. She has beautiful, broad shoulders and fantastically toned arms. She could easily wear a strapless, one shoulder, or bateau neck gown, with a slightly cut in arm hole. She is regally tall, and has a small waist, which should also be emphasized. I would not like to see anything too straight or with a tulip bottom, which would highlight her wide hips. Something A-line, but with beautiful movement, will look more modern than a ball skirt.

3) Keep it solid. We have already seen how tricky prints can read on camera, with her red, Narcisco Rodriquez (for Target), bulls eye dress, on election night.

4) Go for color. Sapphire, iris and gold would be my first choices. It should be bold and beautiful, like Michelle. Nothing pastel or wishy washy.

5) Something simple, but with gorgeous texture, that can be accessorized, with the large statement jewelry, that Michelle tends to favor.

6) Be Mrs. O., not, "Mrs. O." Jackie was an American style icon. Her carefully chosen wardrobe reflected her elegant, personal taste and she never let us down. Michelle too, has a strong sense of personal style...On this historic night, she needs to look like herself, a brilliant, accomplished woman, wife and mother, our new First Lady.

Think Ryan Seacrest will be covering this on the E channel??? I am even more excited over the fashion faux pas that await us at the Inauguration, than I am over the Academy Awards. No swans or tu tu's for Michelle...I am betting she knocks it out of the park...Here's hoping!!!


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