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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A Flash in the Can

I always take time off between Christmas and New Year's. I love being in my home, decorated for the Holidays, and catching up with friends and family. The most productive thing that gets accomplished is the annual purge.

Kitchen junk drawers and closets that house shopping bags get stripped. Old books go to the local Library's swap bin, video games and basketballs get donated. Everything in my winter closet gets rehung and reorganized by category. It is not fun, but necessary and it feels good to start the New Year off, literally with my house in order.

The biggest undertaking, is assessing what has accumulated under my bathroom vanity. Holy crap!!! CVS called and they want aisle 3 back... Most things have at least been test driven, but how can it be, that I have a whole basket devoted to self tanners, some of which are still sealed? Sprays, gels, tinted lotions, clear potions and mousse are in residence from Loreal, Too Faced, Laura Mercier, Neutrogena and Lancome.

I have developed a mean case of the winter pasties, so at random, I chose Lancome's Flash Bronzer, Tinted Self-Tanning Moisturizing Mousse, for the body. Since I don't really believe there is anything written that says I cannot apply it to my face, I am going for it, head to toe. I know well enough, to first, thoroughly exfoliate in the shower and to make sure excess product doesn't stain my knees, elbows, eyebrows and fingers. I take my chances and apply it over my Neutrogena Sesame Oil, hoping I won't have spend time, blow drying my naked body, to avoid staining my clothes.

Upon reading the directions, I discover the infamous phrase, "Not for Individual Sale", printed at the bottom. This may explain, why the mousse tint is the color of Gerber's Baby's First Carrots, not one I would normally choose. It was a freebie. Nonetheless, I continue. It is lightweight and a little, surprisingly covers a lot of turf. It has a slightly iridescent glow and dried quickly. I prefer tinted self tanners. If I missed something, like a calf, I can remedy it now, rather than trying to color it in later, or remove something large and amoeba shaped with battery acid. (Self tanning is not for novices or sissies).

Net, net I have an immediate glow and to my delight, have evenly developed a light "tan" during the day. Good Stuff. Tomorrow morning I will double dip. I can't wait to find out what other shades are available to buy, but maybe I should hold out for awhile and just do a little shopping under the sink...


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