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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Boo Wu!!!

Let's start with all the good stuff!!! I think yesterday's Inauguration was magnificent and every American, should be proud of our country...The world was watching and we never looked more unified and joyous.

--Sasha and Malia, looked beyond adorable, in their J.Crew outfits.

--Barack is gorgeous. He looked both elegant and Presidential, day and night.

--Though I thought Michelle's, Isabel Toledo, lemongrass ensemble looked a tad, Candace Bergen, as Mother of the Bride, (attending her daughter's daytime wedding, at Mar-A-Lago), she still looked regal and radiated beauty. I would have preferred the coat to be a few inches shorter, and would have swapped the Jimmy Choo asparagus patent pumps for nude suede. Big props for finding a way, of not looking like Na Nook of the North, despite the frigid temps...I personally would have needed a hooded mink jumpsuit, to have survived the day.

--Wu who??? I was very disappointed in the white, Jason Wu gown, that Michelle chose to wear to the Inaugural Ball's. I thought it looked like a cross between Shari Lewis's Lamp Chop and an Italian wedding cake. It didn't flatter her figure, didn't help the retailers and was just not special enough. While her classic Bob looks lovely by day, last night would have been a perfect night for something more glamorous, particularly since Michelle looks glorious with her hair swept back...again, not special enough.

I think the last First Lady, who remotely cared about fashion, whether it was your taste or not, was Nancy Regan. We might not like everything Michelle chooses to wear as First Lady, but at least she has a point of view and millions of Americans, will be riveted to the Style pages and influenced by her choices.

Now, if only, they were my choices!!!



  1. Hi there Divadebbi,

    I was speaking to a friend of yours and she told me about your blog. I have one too and was wondering if you'd like to cross-link. Let me know.

    - firefly

  2. Hi Firefly,
    I would love to check out your blog! I will email you...who is our mutual friend?




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