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Monday, January 19, 2009

Deja Vu

For a long time, I have been obsessed with the concept of a lipstain...a liquid, that would dry indelibly and would stay on, all day, through every meal, and a dozen beverages. If the only way to get it off at night, was with sulfuric acid, I'd be game. With a semi permanent lipstain, I would no longer have to constantly worry about reapplying my lipstick, because even if it came off, there would still be a significant amount of pigment on my pucker.

When lipsticks first came out, that promised 16 hour non transfer wear, I thought I could retire my secret fantasy, of having my lips tattooed. Most of these products, required putting on a coat of sticky, lacquer, pacing, stoically, while it dried, completely, before, blissfully, being able to apply the clear balm, that would allow you to speak, (think, of the Tin Man, begging for his oil can).

Next, I tried Benefit's Benetint...a bestseller that has the unfortunate result, of making me look like I have spent the day munching on pomegranate seeds.

So, when I bumped into Covergirl's Outlast Lipstain in the "what's new" aisle at CVS, I was ecstatic... Apparently, my delight was shared by others, since out of the entire 48 piece display, only two Lipstain "markers" were left, both in "Bit of Blossom". Did I care that the blossom happened to be fuscia, not a bit...It was coming home with Mama.

I usually apply, all, new lipstick purchases in the rear view mirror as soon as I enter my car, (apologies to all those who have waited patiently for my spot, none to the honkers). This time, I managed to wait till I got home. Outlast Lipstain, functions, exactly, like a felt tip marker, which happens to apply, very nicely...I know this for a fact, since as I was in the middle of my application, I had a deja vu of all the times, I used my Magic Marker Doodlers, to just the same effect as a child, (I guess they weren't toxic).

The only thing that was particularly alarming was that Bit of Blossom is actually Bit of Magenta, (definitely go for one or two shades lighter, then you think you will need). Though it was lightweight and could actually do double duty as a lip liner, nothing in my lipstick closet, could make this hideous color look anything other than Revlon's, Cherries in the Snow. Out of curiosity, I went on CoverGirl's website, to see what other colors are available. The website offers the option to submit your coloring, so the site, can then suggest your best shade options, for all new products, when you log in. Naturally, I complied. Their Outlast Lipstain suggestion? "Teasing Blush". Admittedly, it looks exactly right...on paper anyway---but so did my Magic Markers. Apparently, lips are a whole, other canvas.


P.S. I am all a twitter for the Inauguration tomorrow...can't wait to see Michelle's gown, oh and congratulations to Barack too.


  1. You're funny today....inauguration giddiness?

    FYI...Just checked and they have all colors available on


  2. Yes, precisely...Michelle looks divine, but a hair luxe for daytime...I have the feeling she through her friend Maria Pinto the Inauguration bone and will hopefully, be wearing a major American designer tonight.




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