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Monday, March 28, 2016

L'Oreal's Root Cover Up

L'Oreal's new Root Cover Up Spray (aka Root Magic in Europe)
$10.99 or thereabouts

I remembered reading that L'Oreal was planning to enter the 'Spray the Grey Away' arena a few months back, an alas, it has hit finally hit the shelves.  I had it in hand today and then opted to read some reviews, ask for your weigh ins and to at least finish up the can of my old standby, EverPro's Gray Away first, before purchasing it.

Newly repackaged Gray Away, lives on in infamy under my Most Popular Posts.   And why not?  To date, 43,643 people have viewed it!  I contacted their PR peeps a few years back..."You know, I informed them, if you Google you, I come up first.  At that point 15,000 people at read it.  I thought maybe as a quid pro quo, they would send me a case or two.  I readied my garage expecting to make room for my bounty...No need it turned out.  The two cans they sent fit nicely in my mailbox.

Seriously??? Yup. Thanks for the love.

In the interim, other products like Color Wow powder root kit option also entered the grey fray.  I have friends who love it.  I found it exhaustively time consuming compared to a one second sprich.

I checked the reviews for L'Oreal's Root Cover Up.  There were some raves, but a few growls; the take away?  Follow directions.  Hold the can 4-6 inches away and spray in a quick motion. L'Oreal thinks all should covered in 3 seconds.  Also, it is recommended to err on the side of choosing a lighter shade.  Root Cover Up is available in 6 shades vs. Gray Away's 4, so hopefully there is something for everyone.

I'm curious if Root Cover Up could possibly work not just on grey regrowth, but to actually impart enough color to stretch salon time for say a blond with dark roots. I don't think anyone has successfully made a crossover product yet. Perhaps, this is it.

So my lovelies, for now it's on you.  Would love, love, love your feedback if you try this before me.  Please leave a comment or email me at

Who knows...maybe the PR peeps at L'Oreal will send me a test case can in Light Brown.  My garage mailbox is readied...



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