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Friday, March 4, 2016

Glamour's 16 Most Wearable Spring Trends

Photo courtesy of did a very nicely edited round-up, including what they consider to be the, "must-have" fashion trends for spring.  Do I think you "must-have" patchwork work prints, that hark back to Little House on the Praire??? Certainly not. Ditto for "pajama dressing" and I was surprised and grateful not to see bomber jackets on the list.

What do I like?  Stripes, always, micro-pleats, tiered ruffles, paperbag waists, (perfect for pear shaped Girls with tiny waists and a 'lil junk in the trunk", ticking stripes, cold shoulders and sequins, particularly the latter two since I just purchased a black sequin, cold shouldered Donna Karan gown for the upcoming Red Cross Ball. Yippee! Done and done.

Take a peek here to view the complete slideshow for yourself. Overall, nicely done!


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