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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

DivaDebbi's Red Carpet Report Card Academy Awards 2016

#OscarsSoWhite. Well, we knew it would be an interesting night, as all eyes and ears were on Chris Rock opening monologue at the Oscars. Interesting too, that if the Oscars are "so white" a black host was chosen long before the nominations were announced.  Rock wasted no time getting down to business, perfectly skewering Hollywood for it's underrepresentation of minorities in the business. According to Rock, if the Academy had voted on who would host, Neil Patrick Harris would be standing there instead. Touche...We got it, but the jokes grew tiresome and less funny as the night wore on. #SometimesLessIsMore. Ya know???

It was a somewhat dull night, to some extent because the nominated films were not blockbusters, but for the most part, small independent films. Translation? Not a lot of people saw them.  The Red Carpet was a tepid affair too, even the duds were few and far between damn it. Leo of course, got what he deserved. Happily.

Trends included shimmering sequins, trains and strapless let's get to it.

Magnificent Cate Blanchett in magnificent Armani Prive.

Charlize Theron, always stellar.  Here in Dior with Harry Winston jewels.
A Team
Julianne Moore in Haute Couture Chanel.
I would have loved it more in navy, but still stunning.

Jennifer Garner, never more stunning than in this one shoulder
sequin trimmed "revenge" gown.
Well played.

Margot Robbie, languorous in liquid gold Tom Ford. 

Saorise Ronan in and exquisite emerald green Calvin Klein gown
in homage to Ireland

Isla Fisher, lovely in Marchesa

The dependably gorgeous Naomi Watts in Armani Prive

Jason Tremblay in Armani. The kid is a cross between George Clooney and Cary Grant.
And boy, the boy can act.  One to watch.
The B Team
Brie Larsen is Gucci.  I felt the belt and color overwhelmed the
dress and Brie. Awful hair. Wonderful work in The Room. Congrats
to the new J. Law

Alicia Vikkander and Belle from Beauty in the Beast in Louis Vuitton.
She has had an OUTSTANDING awards season. This to me was a rare miss.

Sophia Vergara must have a sleeve allergy. Never seen her anything
but strapless. Nicely, this is more fluid than her usual bombshell
numbers, but the result is world's most gorgeous Mother of the Bride

Jennifer Lawrence's Dior had a vaguely moulin rouge vibe to me.
Not bad, not her best, just like the tepid Joy she starred in.
Rooney Mara in Couture Givenchy.
I wanted to love it. Somehow she looks a bit
like an angelic Victorian Christmas tree ornament
that could be hung from her top knot.

The C Team
The Bridesmaids, Tina and Reese

Rachel McAdams in August Getty Atelier.
Loved the color and the cut but the wrinkled fabric cheapened it.

Kate Winslet in Ralph Lauren
"and up from the ground came a bubbling crude...."

The D List
Lady Gaga in Brandon Maxwell for Georgia O'Keefe

Patricia Arquette. Happily, she didn't do a face plant.
Top. Heavy.
The F Team
Amy Poehler as Madame Butterfly

Kerry Washington in Versace for the Pleasure Chest

Olivia Wilde in pleated Valentino Coverall's.
Sorry, not a fan of side boobage

Heidi Klum, who, along with Christina Hendricks, have never gotten
it right on the RC.  My offer now stands for both;
I will style you for free and pay my own expenses.

NO ONE over the age of 8 could covet this dress.

So there, you have it Lovelies...8 minutes passed my deadline. Hope it's still worthy of a peek.  See you at the Emmy's.

Night night...


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