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Friday, March 11, 2016

Flash Back Friday and Happy Anniversary to Moi!

Almay Eyeliner Pencil

As I too quickly found my way to the bottom of my Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner Crayon,  I thought back to the archives and looked for a post that I written before about Almay's Eyeliner Pencil,  which I have purchased, happily, a zillion times before.

It was then I remembered I was coming upon, or just passing the anniversary of my blog DivaDebbi. Scrolling back, through some 2100 posts, I found the very first, "Just Getting Started" dated March 9, 2008.  (Here's a link if your curious on how this all began).  8 years and still going strong! Oh, if I only had a nickel for every time one of you went out and purchased my latest love, but alas, I still do it mainly for sheer enjoyment. I do consider myself the ultimate Girl's Girl, so it is my pleasure to share with my worldwide readers, instead of an email blast to my friends, which preceded my Blog.

Anyway, I digress.  Why I can't just stick with a good thing once I find it, I don't know...I'm trying, really trying to not budge from my Holy Grail list. This easy glide on pencil, with its lovely self sharpening narrow tip, truly is budge proof and budget friendly.

I just purchased it again today in Black/Brown a new shade offering...Be still my heart. I always find straight up black to be too harsh and some browns to be mousy. This is positively perfect! So my lovelies, having tried every pencil from mass to class, I can tell you this one is peerless for the price and better than most.

My thanks to all of you who read, enjoy and share my blog with others.  Girl Power. Nothing. Nicer.




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